“Night Walks”: ‘And So It Begins’

(Tuesday 2:40 AM) Technically, Finals Week starts on Monday, December 4th, but I actually have a Final in about 11 1/2 hours. In the next 9 days: 2 HW assignments (Database Admin II and Systems Security) 1 Quiz (Security) 1 Exam (Security); I nearly failed the Systems Design Exam earlier 4 Finals (including the Telecom … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘And So It Begins’

Inside The Terrordome

(random thoughts and events going on in and around my life) Music - 2 tracks, this time: "I'll Still be True" by Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings "Double Bass" by Gorillaz I do not own these videos! 11 Days. That's how long I have until my first Final of the semester is due. I say … Continue reading Inside The Terrordome

“Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’

The start of the 2017-2018 school year at Western Kentucky University is on August 21st. However, I have one class that is On Demand: I can start it whenever I like, as long as I spend at least 7 weeks in the class and, since I'm paying for the class with Financial Aid, finish the … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’

“Night Walk”: “Hermit”

3:50 AM I was looking through some old messages between some good friends and I on Facebook. I realized just how little we had talked to each other, or hung out, over the last few years. Unfortunately, it's been that way with about 95% of my friends, since probably 2013 or 2014. There are 3 … Continue reading “Night Walk”: “Hermit”

Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

It is 3:45 AM, the Monday after Finals. I am still waiting on grades from 2 classes. Here's what I know and what I'm guessing on (in red): Intro to Supply Chain Management: I don't know what I got on my Final but it was not good - my semester average dropped a fraction of … Continue reading Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

The 12 Days of Finals: Day 12 (and 13)

That picture sums things up. Day 12 (Thursday) The lesson for Thursday: don't battle on two fronts when your reserves are nearly spent. The "reserves" in question were the energy levels. The "two fronts": a project and the body. My plan was to go to Planet Fitness late morning, then come back home and wrap … Continue reading The 12 Days of Finals: Day 12 (and 13)

The 12 Days of Finals: Days 7-9: “It Begins!”

Day 7 (Saturday) To use a Track and Field phrase, I "could not get out of the blocks". The physical exhaustion finally caught up with the mental exhaustion. I managed to get another unit of Discussion Board posts and responses finished for my Systems Thinking class... but that was at about 11 PM, at work. … Continue reading The 12 Days of Finals: Days 7-9: “It Begins!”

The 12 Days of Finals: Day 3

Supplies are fine. Main enemy - the Web Site Project - not engaged today. GOOD. Sleep... 2 attempts at naps, 2 failures. I had hoped to spend time at Team Trivia this evening, as 'downtime', but could not get enough to field a team again. Since I probably won't be there next Tuesday, it will be 4 out … Continue reading The 12 Days of Finals: Day 3