Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

It is 3:45 AM, the Monday after Finals.

I am still waiting on grades from 2 classes. Here’s what I know and what I’m guessing on (in red):

  • Intro to Supply Chain Management: I don’t know what I got on my Final but it was not good – my semester average dropped a fraction of a percent. I think I will eke out a ‘C’.
  • Technology Management/Team Building: I still don’t know all of my grades (see last blog). I do know that I 1) did not do great on this Final and 2) I got a reprieve. I got a chance to turn in a Term Paper that I *somehow* forgot to do. Basing on the grades that I do know, I am guessing that I am on the ‘B-C’ line.
  • Database Administration I: I have a ‘B’. This should have been an ‘A’ but I’m not going to complain too much. I got an 97% on the Final (40% percent of my grade); that helped a LOT.
  • Technology Support Administration: I ended up with a solid ‘C’. This, because of zeroes in Week 1, was on the wrong side of the ‘C-D’ line for 3/4 of the semester. A 79% on the Final wasn’t quite high enough to bump the grade up to a ‘B’  – I needed an 85 or higher – but I’ll take it.

At best, I’ll end up with a 2.50; at worst, a 2.00.

Edit: at about 12:15 PM, I found out that I got a ‘C’ in both “Intro to SCM” and “Tech. Mgt./Team Building”.

The “What if…?” semester.

This should have been a 3.00, minimum. The first week of the semester resulted in a few zeroes and partial grades; in 20/20 hindsight, I should have taken that first week off from TRIMARC (Kinetic’s schedule was much easier to work around ). Lesson, frustratingly learned.

It’s now the first official day of Summer Break. I know that, other than a walk, I’m not leaving the house today. After that,  some of the many things I would like to do on break include:

  • Read a bunch of books. I have a book going that I started in January but have only gotten through about 135 pages, so far. That needs to change, soon.
  • Programming.  My internship ends on July 1st. I need to work on programming during and after the internship. I’m not going to get my foot in the door with a very scant portfolio.
  • Go somewhere/have fun/do something with someone(s). A best friend acquaintance accused me of “not asking [them] to hang out or go places”, so I’m going to make a more conscious effort to ask friends if they want to go here, see this, or do that. Consider this an open invitation – I am up for most things, especially if I can bus it to/from the event. If it’s on the weekend, give me a little bit of notice, so that I could ask off work for it (that’s not a guarantee that I will get the day off, but it makes things easier). I’m also going to try and go some places on my own, if/when possible.
  • Spend quite a lot of time video gaming. I split “The Nexus” from this blog so I could review, talk about, and play different games; time to make it finally happen.
  • Hit the gym more consistently.
  • Follow the 2 main Drum & Bugle Corps circuits more closely. I don’t know if I will buy a season online viewing pass but I will be a more active viewer on dcacorps.com, Drum Corps Planet, and dci.org.


I am applying for a full-time position at TRIMARC today. It’s still 3rd shift but it would be a weekday shift: 10:30 PM to 6:30 AM. It frees up the weekends again and keeps a lot of the week days open but, more importantly, it widens the gap between work shifts. I wouldn’t feel like I was just waking up, being awake for an hour or 2, then seemingly leaving for work again, like I do now. We’ll see how it goes.

In terms of the payload that my classes delivered this semester, and the amount of work that went on at TRIMARC (both the main job and the internship), this was a Top 3 “Exhausting” semester. I am mentally spent and physically tired (lack of quality sleep). Summer Break will hopefully change that, with healthy doses of sun, friends, books, gym, video games, and fun.

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