Catching Up: “Podicus Wrecks”

You can check out "Comicdom Wrecks" writers J.R., Jacob, and Casey, as well as myself and a couple of other guests, on the podcast "Podicus Wrecks". Here are some of our most recent episodes: Episode 53: We review "The Dark Tower" movie (ugh!) Episode 54: "Game of Thrones", Season 7 Review Episode 55: A grab-bag of topics: … Continue reading Catching Up: “Podicus Wrecks”

“Night Walks”: Linkin Park/Chester Bennington

Music can take us back to some unique places. Whenever I hear the song, "A Place For My Head", it takes me back to the Spring 2005 semester at the University of Louisville. I'm not sure why; I think it's because that entire CD - Hybrid Theory - was at, or near, the top of … Continue reading “Night Walks”: Linkin Park/Chester Bennington

“Inside The Terrordome”: Recap/Summer

I've done this the last few years on here and Facebook: get to the halfway point of the year, look back at any resolutions that I made at the beginning of the year, and analyze how they're going: Get An Apartment. In this post, I had set April 1st as a tentative date to start apartment-searching. … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: Recap/Summer

“Inside The Terrordome”/”Night Walk”: ‘Adjusting’

Friday, 6/23, 2:15 AM I am 'adjusting' to 2 things: full-time work and consolidating a 2nd blog back into "Enter The Cyborg". I am wrapping up my 2nd week as a full-time employee, on the 23rd. I haven't been full-time since I was the Signing Specialist (the 1st time) at Target, almost 8 years ago. … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”/”Night Walk”: ‘Adjusting’

“Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

I'm confused, WordPress Readers. What am I, an almost-39 year old Black guy, supposed to do? I like the feel of a hoodie in cool weather, especially in the Fall. I currently have a few, one of which is black (a University of Louisville hoodie). However, if I'm walking around at night, I'm very liable … Continue reading “Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

It is 3:45 AM, the Monday after Finals. I am still waiting on grades from 2 classes. Here's what I know and what I'm guessing on (in red): Intro to Supply Chain Management: I don't know what I got on my Final but it was not good - my semester average dropped a fraction of … Continue reading Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break