A Look Back at the 2010’s in 30 Days

To wrap up the year and the decade, I figured that a fun "little" project would be to pick out 30 events that had a big impact on me throughout this, write something about them (or link to a previous post about it), and add an impactful and/or well-liked song, book that I read, and … Continue reading A Look Back at the 2010’s in 30 Days

“Bob Ross: Art Of Chill Game”

Designer:┬áProspero Hall Publisher: Big G Creative Players: 2-4, but 3-4 seem to work best Ages: 12+, more for the potential difficulty Time: about 30 minutes I know very few people that have never watched an episode of the PBS show, "The Joy of Painting". For the few reading this that have not seen this show: … Continue reading “Bob Ross: Art Of Chill Game”