A Look Back… #3

NHRA U.S. Nationals trips I am a BIG fan of Drag Racing, specifically the U.S. circuit known as the National Hot Rod Association (NHRA). There are over a dozen divisions of cars that race down a 1/4 mile strip (or 1000 feet, if you are in the top 2 "Pro" classes), taking anywhere from 12 … Continue reading A Look Back… #3

A Look Back at the 2010’s in 30 Days

To wrap up the year and the decade, I figured that a fun "little" project would be to pick out 30 events that had a big impact on me throughout this, write something about them (or link to a previous post about it), and add an impactful and/or well-liked song, book that I read, and … Continue reading A Look Back at the 2010’s in 30 Days

Night Walk: “Yay, Sunday!”

Sunday, 12:54 AM; some random thoughts on a strangely sleepless night: The song currently playing on Spotify: "Our Remains - For Piano" by Beta Radio. The decision from this post is in: I'm sitting out... but just the first few months, right now. I might be able to save up enough money for a vehicle or … Continue reading Night Walk: “Yay, Sunday!”

Fortnite: “This is the end”

I have not partaken in the Fortnite craze, so this story comes as a surprise. Fortnite is down, and has been down for nearly a day. A Black Hole swallowed it. According to multiple sources, an in-game meteor started acting erratic, early on Sunday. It eventually hit and destroyed the entire map at about 2:00 EST. The … Continue reading Fortnite: “This is the end”