"Night Walk": Staycation, Part I

Wednesday, February 19th, 12:13 AM My vacation from TRIMARC is underway! For the first time (that I can remember) since September 2017, I had more than 2 days off that weren't for school, Drum & Bugle Corps, or an illness/injury; it's 9 days - a work week, plus the weekends on either side - of … Continue reading "Night Walk": Staycation, Part I

Black History Month: Facts #17

The Tuskegee Airmen, Part I Video, from the U.S Department of the Interior: Tuskegee "The Tuskegee story is an important civil rights story of Americans who happen to be black, in service to their country, their family, and to their friends -- in that order." - Col. Charles E. McGee, National President of the Tuskegee … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #17

Black History Month: Facts #15-16

In Kentucky, Charles W. Anderson and Amelia Tucker were the first Black man and woman to be elected to the Kentucky House of Representatives. Charles W. Anderson (1907 - 1960) has few 'firsts' on his résumé. Anderson was born in Louisville, KY. He attended what is now Kentucky State University, as well as Wilberforce University … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #15-16

Black History Month: Facts #14

Dr. Patricia Bath - Ophthalmologist, Inventor "Eyesight is a basoc human right." Dr. Patricia Bath (1942 - 2019) has a long list of 'firsts', achievements, and patents attributed to her. Dr. Bath was born in Harlem to Rupert and Gladys Bath; Gladys was a housewife, while Rupert was the first Black motorman for the NYC … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #14