“Night Walks”: Linkin Park/Chester Bennington

Music can take us back to some unique places. Whenever I hear the song, "A Place For My Head", it takes me back to the Spring 2005 semester at the University of Louisville. I'm not sure why; I think it's because that entire CD - Hybrid Theory - was at, or near, the top of … Continue reading “Night Walks”: Linkin Park/Chester Bennington

“Night Walks”: A Few of My Favorite Things, Part 2

(Sunday morning, 4:30 AM) Continuing with the 'Favorites' from the last post : Favorite Movie Genres 3. Comedy 2. Fantasy/Sci-Fi 1. Horror Favorite Music Genre 4. Classic Rock 3. Rap 2. Jazz 1 . Other - I'm not sure if it's Ambient, Mood, or what, but I have found groups like Moodorama on Spotify, lately, … Continue reading “Night Walks”: A Few of My Favorite Things, Part 2


audiostrobelight. Eons D. Goodbar. Exit, Emergency. Shadowpact. NOFX.¬†Skyscraper Stereo. Reel Big Fish. Uh-Huh Baby Yeah!. The Ataris. 2 groups of musicians and musical groups with something in common: Group 1 were all on one person's record label. Group 2 were acts that I were turned on to by Group 1's label's founder. His name was … Continue reading Puckett

“Short Circuits”: ‘I Don’t Understand It!’

(for starters, I don't understand why it was nearly 4 AM before I fell asleep... but I was awake at around 8:15) - I don't understand how or why "flipping" something became so popular. You now have shows on TV about 'flipping' your dinner, 'flipping' your¬†house, and 'flipping' your life (no shows about 'flipping' a … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: ‘I Don’t Understand It!’