Blacks in Baseball: Chris Rock’s HBO Segment

"I'm an endangered species: a Black baseball fan." This link is to the 7-minute segment that Chris Rock had on the show "Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel". Like Rock, I am "an endangered species". I grew up watching baseball on Saturday afternoons and nights; not having cable or dish, I mainly listened to baseball on the radio … Continue reading Blacks in Baseball: Chris Rock’s HBO Segment

“Short Circuits”: ‘I Don’t Understand It!’

(for starters, I don't understand why it was nearly 4 AM before I fell asleep... but I was awake at around 8:15) - I don't understand how or why "flipping" something became so popular. You now have shows on TV about 'flipping' your dinner, 'flipping' your house, and 'flipping' your life (no shows about 'flipping' a … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: ‘I Don’t Understand It!’