Black History Month: Facts #26

W.E.B. DuBois (1868 - 1963) In West Louisville, 22nd Street (from Broadway, north to Main Street) is named after him. The 'him' is W.E.B. DuBois. DuBois was an author and a Civil Rights activist, most known as being the co-founder of the NAACP, as well as the first African-American to earn a Ph.D. from Harvard. … Continue reading Black History Month: Facts #26

“Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

I'm confused, WordPress Readers. What am I, an almost-39 year old Black guy, supposed to do? I like the feel of a hoodie in cool weather, especially in the Fall. I currently have a few, one of which is black (a University of Louisville hoodie). However, if I'm walking around at night, I'm very liable … Continue reading “Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

I’m Exhausted – And I’m Not Stopping

I'm exhausted, 2016... and it is your fault. I'm exhausted by the constant "Mights" and "Maybes" happening throughout you: 'there "might" be work this week', '[friend/friends] "might" be at [insert event] tomorrow', '"maybe" I'll do this this or that, depending on money or transportation'. I'm too tired to decipher "mights" and "maybes" any more, and I'm tired of using them … Continue reading I’m Exhausted – And I’m Not Stopping

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

When I started a draft of this blog a few days ago, I never would have imagined that I would be adding the following sentence to it this weekend: "Muhammad Ali has passed away." My hometown - Ali's hometown - is still in various degrees of shock, stunned, sadness, and acceptance. Whether you watched boxing or … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

Republicans and the Black Vote (article links)

Continuing the theme of the earlier post about race and the Democratic candidates for the Presidency, the Republican candidates have an even larger question to answer, one in which the BBC touched on In July 2015: Can any of the Republican candidates sway enough black voters to their cause in 2016? Before that question can … Continue reading Republicans and the Black Vote (article links)

Clinton, Sanders, and the Black Vote (article links)

One of the big topics - again - of this presidential election cycle is race. Focusing on the Democratic side of the race for now, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in South Carolina, stumping for support for the upcoming Primary, especially when it comes to the Black votes. Sanders supporters point out the work that … Continue reading Clinton, Sanders, and the Black Vote (article links)

“You Talk Too White”

On the Huffington Post website, actor, write, and director Kevin Powell writes this blog about his experiences with Black and White perceptions, regarding the way he talks. "You talk too white" is a phrase that ranks up at the top of the list of words and phrases that tick me off QUICKLY. I will echo the question … Continue reading “You Talk Too White”

“Ghetto” Names

In the latest social "outrage", Actress & "The View" co-host Raven-Symoné caused an uproar when she stated on "The View" that she "would never hire someone named "Watermelondrea."" **sigh** The Million Man March's 20-year anniversary gathering is happening in Washington, D.C. this weekend, and THIS is what gets our attention? Anyway..... Raven-Symoné's premise - that there is bias … Continue reading “Ghetto” Names

Public Enemy

I was about 10 years old. It was late summer 1988 - music CD's were on the market but not everyone, especially in my family's income bracket, could afford the players for them. It was the Era of the Cassette Tape. Mailboxes were checked often for the Colombia House ordering booklet.  "Ghetto Blasters" still perched on quite a … Continue reading Public Enemy