“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

When I started a draft of this blog a few days ago, I never would have imagined that I would be adding the following sentence to it this weekend: "Muhammad Ali has passed away." My hometown - Ali's hometown - is still in various degrees of shock, stunned, sadness, and acceptance. Whether you watched boxing or … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

Surviving the monetary and life sucker punches from January and February... barely: I may need to rethink the design, layout, title (just so there's no unintended copyright infringement with the Public Enemy track this title is based off of), and overall content of "Welcome to the Terrordome". I'd like to keep the personal updates in here; outside of … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

In Other News….

... 9 people are dead after a 21-year old gunman entered an African-American church in Charleston, SC and started shooting worshippers, in an apparent racially motivated attack. Amazing how the gunman is still alive. It's also amazing how people continue to ignore/overlook/hide the facts that racism - in statements about politicians, in police incidents, in comments … Continue reading In Other News….

“Inside The Terrordome”

* Here in Louisville, a project aided by Cisco and backed by a grant from a Metro Council member is aiming to offer free Wi-Fi to the West Louisville neighborhood, starting with the area around the Shawnee Arts and Cultural Center. This predominately Black section of Louisville has, until recently, lagged far behind areas like Downtown and the … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”