So… What’s Up?

Blog Soundtrack:"Still Sleeping" by Oddisee"Iambic 5 Poetry" by Squarepusher"Spoken Roses" by John Foxx and Harold Budd"Septentrion" by Fila Brazilla"Good Disease" by Aim and Stephen Jones"The Other Ship" by Nightmares On Wax"Dark Waters" by Nikola Sati"Forget Me Not" by St GermainThese are the songs that I'm listening to while I'm currently writing. So.... what's up, Blog … Continue reading So… What’s Up?

COVID-19: ‘Short Circuits’, 5/30

The nation is starting to open back up, for better or worse. Song: "Tumbleweed" by 9 Lazy 9(Disclaimer: I do not own any of the music that's linked in this post) Protests (from Associated Press) The deaths of George Lloyd in Minneapolis, the revealed-2-months-later death of Breeonna Taylor in Louisville, and the revealed-3-months-later-and-possibly-covered up murder … Continue reading COVID-19: ‘Short Circuits’, 5/30

Tales from the TARCside: “Not Your Everyday Passenger!”

Local news station WLKY caught up with some rather... different TARC riders. Chris Chandler, Digital Producer for WLKY, filmed "Frankenstein" getting on the #71 bus (from New Albany, Indiana, through Portland, Russell, and Downtown Louisville, to Jeffersonville, Indiana), as a promotion for 5 haunted attractions around town. You can see Chris's report HERE. I like … Continue reading Tales from the TARCside: “Not Your Everyday Passenger!”

“Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down.... "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it. … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

When I started a draft of this blog a few days ago, I never would have imagined that I would be adding the following sentence to it this weekend: "Muhammad Ali has passed away." My hometown - Ali's hometown - is still in various degrees of shock, stunned, sadness, and acceptance. Whether you watched boxing or … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘No Gorillas or Presidential Race’ Zone!

The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime

(picture is from  Councilwoman Green's 5-Point Plan A preamble: I lived on 34th Street, in the Shawnee Neighborhood of the West End, from about 1980 to August 2004; I was one or 2 when my parents moved from Shively (at the time, technically a separately city in the same county as Louisville). I then moved back to … Continue reading The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

Surviving the monetary and life sucker punches from January and February... barely: I may need to rethink the design, layout, title (just so there's no unintended copyright infringement with the Public Enemy track this title is based off of), and overall content of "Welcome to the Terrordome". I'd like to keep the personal updates in here; outside of … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

“Short Circuits”

To get some of the more distasteful subjects out of the way first:  Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused to grant marriage licenses to LGBT couples months ago. The Supreme Court made its ruling about gay marriages... and Davis refused to grant the licenses, based on "religious freedom". She and her attorney appealed; a Circuit … Continue reading “Short Circuits”