My name is Anthony Bonner. I currently am a Senior at Western Kentucky University, majoring in Computer Information Technology. I also write for the comic review site, Comicdom Wrecks, as well as co-host the affiliated podcast, Podicus Wrecks. Thank you for checking out my site – enjoy!


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  1. Hey there! Just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed your posts about The Forgotten City mod for Skyrim. I was stuck like crazy trying to get the Immaculate Gauntlets, so I googled how to find them and your blog came up. I had tried the jump puzzle in the palace a few times before and concluded it was impossible, so I would NEVER have gone back and persisted at it if you hadn’t written about it. After I finished the mod (best ending) I went back and read all of those FC posts and I think they lay out the storyline and its branching possibilities in a wonderful and informative way. Keep up the awesome work!


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