Best of the Decade

After a days-long project, I have come up with various Top 10 lists for the entire decade. Louisville Stories Let's start off with 10 of the biggest news stories of the decade involving Metro Louisville. I can't say that they were THE 10 biggest stories but these 10 (plus the Honorable Mentions) did have significant … Continue reading Best of the Decade

A Look Back to 2019, A Look Ahead to 2020

2019 was a pretty decent year, even with a few bumps in the road. As in previous years, I made a few resolutions/goals at the beginning of the year (LINK); this is how they turned out for 2019: Continue the weight loss/fitness plans: hit 215.0 pounds by April 1st, 205 by Labor Day. This was … Continue reading A Look Back to 2019, A Look Ahead to 2020

Fortnite: “This is the end”

I have not partaken in the Fortnite craze, so this story comes as a surprise. Fortnite is down, and has been down for nearly a day. A Black Hole swallowed it. According to multiple sources, an in-game meteor started acting erratic, early on Sunday. It eventually hit and destroyed the entire map at about 2:00 EST. The … Continue reading Fortnite: “This is the end”

Inside the Terrordome: Cardiac Ablation

For 5 weeks, I have dealt with an Atria Flutter, a type of arrhythmic heart beat that's not not quite as severe as Atrial Fibrillation. A Flutter is where the top part of your heart beats out of rhythm (usually faster) than the bottom part. There are a few causes for Atria Flutter but from … Continue reading Inside the Terrordome: Cardiac Ablation