Best of the Decade

After a days-long project, I have come up with various Top 10 lists for the entire decade. Louisville Stories Let's start off with 10 of the biggest news stories of the decade involving Metro Louisville. I can't say that they were THE 10 biggest stories but these 10 (plus the Honorable Mentions) did have significant … Continue reading Best of the Decade

“Short Circuits”: Time to Clear Off Your Desk

The State Auditor launched an investigation into "your" Board of Trustees and the Foundation that "your group"'s endowment. Accusations of racism are filed against the same Board, regarding its racial makeup. (Now including a recently-filed lawsuit.) A sex scandal is still hovering over "your group"'s highest-profile entity. The FBI is now investigating "your group". "You" pose in silly, badly-timed, kind-of offensive … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Time to Clear Off Your Desk

A Long Road Towards Graduation

Quite a few of these posts come on nights when the brain simply refuses to quiet down. Luckily, I don't work on Wednesday and my first class is in the mid afternoon. 😉 Speaking of school, Wednesday is the last day for me before Finals. After that, I have one class this summer before I … Continue reading A Long Road Towards Graduation

March Madness! Memories

This is my favorite time of the sports calendar: the post-season for College Basketball! I love watching to see which of the "smaller" conference schools get in, what seeds my favorite teams will get, and how all of it will play out. My 3 favorite schools are the University of Louisville, Purdue, and Kansas. I … Continue reading March Madness! Memories