“Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down.... "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it. … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

“He is horrible”…. You Are Pathetic

Full disclosure: my NFL teams are the Browns and the Packers, then a gap to the Falcons and Colts. We are going to play "Compare the NFL Quarterbacks, 2016 Stats". QB #1 is blue, #2 is purple, and #3 is orange: Games Played, Completion %, and Yards (leading stat is bolded): 14 Games, 228 of … Continue reading “He is horrible”…. You Are Pathetic

“Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

I'm confused, WordPress Readers. What am I, an almost-39 year old Black guy, supposed to do? I like the feel of a hoodie in cool weather, especially in the Fall. I currently have a few, one of which is black (a University of Louisville hoodie). However, if I'm walking around at night, I'm very liable … Continue reading “Short Circuit”: I Am Confused

Brian Windhorst and “The Man in the Arena”

The NBA Finals are rolling along. Well, the Golden State Warriors are rolling along, and over, the Cleveland Cavaliers. After a much closer Game 3 - a Warriors comeback win - quotes from the idiotic portion of the gallery flooded the interwebs: "MICHAEL JORDAN would never be down 3-0 in a series!" "LeBron isn't CLUTCH! … Continue reading Brian Windhorst and “The Man in the Arena”

“Short Circuit”/”Night Walk”: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

I am a big sports fan. Early March to early April is my favorite time of the sports year, headlined by the NCAA Basketball Championship Tournaments. The picture above is from the 2016 National Championship game, between Villanova (dark blue) and North Carolina. That is the last shot of the game, which Villanova hit at … Continue reading “Short Circuit”/”Night Walk”: NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament

“Short Circuits”: The Prez Says The Darndest Things!

President Trump... ... sorry, that's been happening a lot since November.... ... President Trump held an impromptu news conference on Thursday, discussing everything from the National Guard to election results. Within┬áthat rambling mess of a conference, one item struck a nerve with me: his segment on inner city violence. President Trump mentioned how he had … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: The Prez Says The Darndest Things!

“Short Circuits”: Throat-Slash! Oh, the HUMANITY!

There are some... odd rules in sports, written and unwritten, regarding celebrations. In baseball, if you hit a Home Run and you do more than a fist pump, chances are that you will get hit with a pitch in your next at bat. The same may happen if you stand and watch the ball go … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Throat-Slash! Oh, the HUMANITY!