Short Circuits: Summertime

Random thoughts, observations, and updates on a Friday afternoon.

I FINALLY feel like I’m getting back to a ‘comfortable routine’, after months of spinning my wheels! I cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the hall, cleaned the stove top, and swept the living room, things that I had put off for months due to mental and physical exhaustion. I’m still very mentally tired but simple things like housekeeping don’t exhaust me to the point of nap-taking. Now, let’s see if I can get back on track with school and the Internship.

Speaking of the Internship: the material itself is going OK but I’m running out of time. I’m going to have to spend most of the next 10 days wrapping up 2 of the mini-projects that have stalled out.

Kentucky has ended the mask mandate, opening restaurants, bars, and gathering places 100%. It was in evidence this afternoon, when Museum Row (Downtown) was full of people. I still have to wear masks on the city buses, which I don’t mind. I now may try to go to a Bats (Triple-A baseball) game in the near-future.

J.R. and I did a podcast episode – the podcast is called “Podicus Wrecks” – on E3 and the game announcements from it; it should be posted in the next few days. A brief summation of my review: “I was underwhelmed.” Sony didn’t even show up and Square Enix’s presentation was… “meh.”

The Drum & Bugle Corps circuits have either kicked off their seasons or will start in the next 2 weekends. This, for me, always feels like the ‘2nd Start’ to summer (Memorial Day weekend being the 1st). This season, I am simply a fan, as a multitude of foot issues (injured/torn Plantar Plates in both feet; a degenerative big toe joint (right foot); a return of Posterior Tibial Tendonitis (left foot)), plus a pending college graduation, have put me on the sidelines. However, I will continue to cheer on the Cincinnati Tradition as they navigate through an unusually formatted 2021 season. I hope to be healed up and back on the field in 2022!

I didn’t think I’d say (well, type) this: I created a Tinder profile. I’m not looking for long-term relationships; heck, I’m not exactly looking to date, per se (so shoot me). I’m looking to meet new friends to hang out with, have new adventures with, and have fun with, especially if I can get out of the apartment; if “benefits” are included, even sweeter. My social life has been stagnant for a few years; my sex life is virtually non-existent. I need to change both.

WWE Raw has (once again) become almost unwatchable. Smackdown is much more entertaining. NXT is over both of them. I haven’t watched enough of AEW Dynamite to have an opinion, yet.

“Juneteenth” is now an official Federal holiday, signed into law by President Biden. Didn’t think I’d ever see that happen in my lifetime.

“The Conjuring 3: The Devil Made Me Do It” was pretty good! I didn’t think it was as creepy overall as the 1st one, but it was better than The Conjuring 2. Conjuring 3 felt more like a supernatural murder mystery, than a “traditional” haunting movie. Go check it out in theaters or on HBO Max (if you have it)!

The D&D campaigns that I am playing in:
The Saturday Morning campaign (weekly meeting; going on since September 2020) had it’s last session for a few months, as we all take care of summer work and life obligations. We finished the Sewers of Tribor dungeon and completed a couple of missions. We returned to our inn, where dinner invitations awaited us – who sent them? And why? We’ll find out in late August or early September.
The Saturday afternoon campaign (monthly meeting) starts back up next week, after nearly 18 months on hold. Since we only got one session in before COVID-19 hit, I created a new character for this spy-based campaign. Let’s hope my Water Genasi (a half-Genie) Cleric (Tempest domain) pans out. Should be fun!
The ‘Game Night’ campaign (roughly every 3-4 weeks, on Friday nights) is still on hold. I am likely to drop out of that campaign.

Can negative UofL sports stories stay out of the news for just ONE MONTH?!?

I find myself more and more wanting to get a house.
Originally, I wanted to wait on a house until I could get a car or vehicle. And there’s nothing wrong with my current apartment – it’s the best apartment I’ve ever had, in arguably the best neighborhood I’ve ever lived in. However, I want my *own* place, where I can cut the grass (or not), add a small garden (or not), and paint the walls a color that I like (or not). I also want to have people over and not potentially disturb the neighbors, sit on a porch and enjoy an evening or night, and possibly have a fire pit.
The big problem with going after a house: credit. My credit is not terrible but it’s not high enough to get good interest rates. Maybe I’ll hit the Lottery and credit won’t be an issue. 😉

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