COVID-19: ‘Safe at 3rd!’

It is May 1st and I am fully vaccinated from Covid-19! I got my 2nd shot on April 7th. I cannot tell you what a relief it is to have those shots out of the way! I’m still wearing masks (they are mandatory on the city buses) but I now don’t have to worry about catching Covid-19 every time I step on a bus.

It is Kentucky Oaks/Kentucky Derby weekend! While the Derby is world-known, this Friday and Saturday are more celebrated by those in Kentucky, specifically in Louisville (where Churchill Downs is located). Before college, I was more interested in some of the events that led up to the Derby: the Pegasus Parade, the Run for the Rosé, and the Great Steamboat Race. Once I joined the UofL Marching Band in 2001, that’s when Derby Day became a favorite. Don’t get me wrong: Derby Day was a LONG day for the Band: a 8 AM – 10 AM rehearsal; the trip to Churchill Downs; playing after every other race, alternating with the Band from the National Guard (we would play show music and ‘stand’ tunes); the nearly 1-hour wait to play ‘My Old Kentucky Home’, then the hour-plus wait afterwards; getting back to UofL around 8 PM. However, it was fun to walk the Infield, perform 5-7 times, and hang out with some very good friends and people before we all went out separate ways for the summer. This year, a chunk of the usual crowds – about 30-40% total – were allowed in Churchill Downs. It’s one of the biggest signs of returning to ‘normal’. I have to work, so no Oaks/Derby parties, but it still should be a great weekend!

The Department of Justice is investigating the Louisville Police Department (LMPD). Some would say that this is about 5 years too late. I would agree. A lot of corruption and incompetence in that organization.

Aaron Rodgers… not happy with Green Bay?? COME ON, PACKERS! Don’t screw this up!!

I have signed up for a final final class: Advanced Systems Architecture I. It looks like it will be a class focusing on the Linux operating system. I haven’t had any Linux classes or training since 1997 (a UNIX class at Purdue), so this should be interesting. I am also still working on my Capstone project. I should be done by early August!

I started an unofficial internship with our Software Engineer on Wednesday! Until July 1st, I’m getting up to an extra 15 hours a week, working on whatever he may have for me. The first few projects, in no particular order, are: updating our company website to Bootstrap 5.0 and jQuery to 3.0; adding some logos to our camera views; developing a new user interface for traffic reports and incidents; and fixing bugs in the current interface. I feel much better about this internship than the one I had in 2018!

Rest in peace, DMX, Black Rob, and Shock G.

I am down to 175 pounds(!), although some of that wasn’t intentional(?). This is about where I want to stay, between 175 – 185 pounds, especially if I can add a little more upper body muscle. I plan on going back to Planet Fitness in the next few days, for the first time since late January 2020.

Pre-Covid, I was in 2 D&D games: one had completed 2 sessions, where I was a Warforged Artificer named Onyx. ‘Warforged’ are basically sentient robots; Artificers invent and tinker with things (I was heading towards being an Alchemist). The other game had completed one session, where I was an Aasimar War Cleric named Quay (‘Q’, for short). You likely know what Clerics do; an Aasimar is a half-angel. These games went on hold when Covid-19 broke out; I then got invited to a Zoom-based 3rd game. I am a Tiefling Gloom Stalker named Noxx. A Tiefling is a half-demon or half-devil; a Gloom Stalker is a Ranger that fights from (and with) the darkness. Now that people are getting vaccinated, the other 2 games are probably gonna start soon. I am going to leave the ‘Onyx’ campaign; I simply don’t have the time to do 3 games plus an internship AND school. As for ‘Q’, I’m going to make a new character; I didn’t like how Q fit in with the theme (A Spy Adventure) or the rest of the group. I wish this one would start back soon, though.

On the 3rd attempt, I finally got my W-2s, last week! I’m getting a bigger refund than expected… which is great, because unexpected expenses have nearly cleaned out my savings account lol!

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