Short Circuits: Summertime

Random thoughts, observations, and updates on a Friday afternoon. I FINALLY feel like I'm getting back to a 'comfortable routine', after months of spinning my wheels! I cleaned my bathroom, cleaned the hall, cleaned the stove top, and swept the living room, things that I had put off for months due to mental and physical … Continue reading Short Circuits: Summertime

Predictions: “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn”

"Podicus Wrecks" host, J.R., along with "Comicdom Wrecks" co-conspirators Jacob and Casey, and myself, talked about the upcoming WWE pay-per-view event, Summerslam, on the latest episode of "Podicus Wrecks" (it should be available for listening by tomorrow night). But the WWE has an event the day before Summerslam: "NXT Takeover:  Brooklyn", this Saturday. "Takeover: Brooklyn" has not … Continue reading Predictions: “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn”

“Inside The Terrordome”/”Short Circuits”: ‘Don’t Fool Me, April!’

(thank you for not screwing with me too much this past Friday!) - The long-running issue with unemployment money, and the subsequent appeal mentioned here, finally ended last week. The judge reversed the state's decision and awarded me 5 of the 8 weeks that I had requested unemployment, which I received on the 31st of March. … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”/”Short Circuits”: ‘Don’t Fool Me, April!’