“Inside The Terrordome”/”Short Circuits”: ‘Don’t Fool Me, April!’

(thank you for not screwing with me too much this past Friday!)

– The long-running issue with unemployment money, and the subsequent appeal mentioned here, finally ended last week. The judge reversed the state’s decision and awarded me 5 of the 8 weeks that I had requested unemployment, which I received on the 31st of March. While most of that money went to bills and other necessities, I’m glad that there was money to take of them both.

– I mentioned this on Facebook, also: the Villanova-UNC National Championship basketball game managed to:

  • get politics out of the first 20 stories or so of my News Feed for the first time since New Year’s Day
  • united people of different races, life creeds, and political slants with the love of sports, a unity that no politician has been able to match in this entire presidential campaign season, so far. Yet, there are still those who mock sports fans’ reactions to games like this. I may never understand that tendency.

– Local sports writer, radio personality, and founder of the “Card Chronicle” web site, Mike Rutherford, suffering the effects from the University of Louisville’s postseason ban, declared March as “The Month of Salt”, where his saltiness spread throughout the web, social media, and all parts between. I am going to miss his “salty interactions” with other fan bases but I cannot say that I will miss March at all; except for March 29th and 31st, I’m glad it’s out of here!

– Speaking of the dates above:
On the 29th, I managed to get an application in at GE. I took the assessment test this past Monday; now I wait a few weeks to hear if I made it to the next step of the hiring process.
On the 31st, I received an award from Jefferson Community and Technical College: one of 42 students on their 6 campuses to win the “African American Students of Excellence Award”, given to students with 30+ hours and a 3.25+ GPA at JCTC. Very honored to be a part of that group!

– “NXT Takeover: Dallas”- go watch it right now. Drop whatever you are… well, wait. It is 1:30 AM EDT (when I’m writing this) – go to sleep, wake up Wednesday morning, then watch it. Call in to work; if your boss objects, go in, clothesline him/her, then go back home and watch it. You will not be disappointed, even if you aren’t a big pro wrestling or WWE-brand fan.

– A couple of hours ago, I found a potential summer IT internship at Humana that I applied to. That makes it 6 applications for summer internships (paid), summer co-ops, and regular jobs that I have out but am waiting for answers from: GE (reg. job and co-op), Humana (intrn.), Syntel (reg. job), CBS Interactive (intrn.), and Genscape (intrn.). My advantages include having a pretty decent work history and a very good G.P.A. at JCTC. However, not having a degree yet, as well as little IT/programming experience, are disadvantages. Not much I can do but sit back and see how things play out. On a side note: I hate trying to write down things I can brag about at work or school, on applications.

– Riddle me this, Batman: my relatively new phone (LG V10) got a systems update to Android 6.0 a few days ago… so why does it not like mic’ed ear buds? The buds that have will lock up my phone every time I plug them in; reading some online forums, users with Bluetooth headphones are also having similar problems. Verizon Tech Support tried a few things but couldn’t figure it out; LG Support was clueless and borderline worthless. No other headphones do this, by the way. Strange happenings are afoot….

– Baseball season is under way… and Bryce Harper is right about baseball.
The over-under on wins for the Cincinnati Reds this season, IMO? 65.
The over-under on wins for the Atlanta Braves? 82.
This might be a long baseball season for me.

Hopefully, the salt of March has given way to some sweetness of April!

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