Another Reoccurring Dream

There are versions of the same dream subject that have happened over the last couple of months:

I am usually at some kind of marching performance; generally, it is with the University of Louisville band, although, on a few occasions, it has been with the Minnesota Brass Drum and Bugle Corps.

The people in the dream groups are a mix of Minnesota and Louisville people, in the same group, but wearing their separate uniforms.

The dreams are usually set right before a performance, a rehearsal, or a trip; lately, it’s been the first and third settings.

Every one of the dreams involves me missing something. I am remembering that my horn is home, less than an hour before we leave UofL (the weird thing I remember about that dream is that a high school band friend (Andrew B.) was in it, as a UofL band member (he never attended that school)); it is almost time for a dress rehearsal and my section leader at Minnesota Brass (Sam S.) is checking everyone out, when I realize that my hat is missing; my sister is driving back home (?) to get my horn in another dream, because I somehow brought an empty horn case to school; I was running late in a few of these dreams, also.

The general mood has been one of barely-restrained panic, mixed with ill-directed frustation or annoyance, and fear of letting someone/everyone down.

I don’t know how, if at all, these dreams relate to the waking world. Yeah, I’ve been highly annoyed at the job situation but it isn’t in the same mood as the dreams… unless the dream-panic is a reflection of the simmering worry about bills and the missing of some other things due to stretching money? I’m not 100% sure why Minnesota Brass folks are at UofL in these dreams, sometimes with UofL and even high school friends (on a side note: only once did anyone from Derby City Knights appear in these performance dreams).

I wonder what I can find online about interpreting reoccuring dreams, even if they aren’t a nightly occurrence. What is the cyborg subconscious thinking about, warning me about/worried about, and/or trying to remember?

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