“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Birthday!’

Now that the Democratic and Republican Conventions are over, and some in Social Media Land on Facebook have stopped taking thinly veiled shots at President Obama (really - putting quotations around the word 'man'?), let's turn our attention to better things, such as: The Olympics starting in 2 weeks, 2 Drum Corps circuits in the … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Birthday!’

I’m Exhausted – And I’m Not Stopping

I'm exhausted, 2016... and it is your fault. I'm exhausted by the constant "Mights" and "Maybes" happening throughout you: 'there "might" be work this week', '[friend/friends] "might" be at [insert event] tomorrow', '"maybe" I'll do this this or that, depending on money or transportation'. I'm too tired to decipher "mights" and "maybes" any more, and I'm tired of using them … Continue reading I’m Exhausted – And I’m Not Stopping

“Inside The Terrordome”/”Short Circuits”: ‘Don’t Fool Me, April!’

(thank you for not screwing with me too much this past Friday!) - The long-running issue with unemployment money, and the subsequent appeal mentioned here, finally ended last week. The judge reversed the state's decision and awarded me 5 of the 8 weeks that I had requested unemployment, which I received on the 31st of March. … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”/”Short Circuits”: ‘Don’t Fool Me, April!’

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

Surviving the monetary and life sucker punches from January and February... barely: I may need to rethink the design, layout, title (just so there's no unintended copyright infringement with the Public Enemy track this title is based off of), and overall content of "Welcome to the Terrordome". I'd like to keep the personal updates in here; outside of … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Survive And Adapt!’

Republicans and the Black Vote (article links)

Continuing the theme of the earlier post about race and the Democratic candidates for the Presidency, the Republican candidates have an even larger question to answer, one in which the BBC touched on In July 2015: Can any of the Republican candidates sway enough black voters to their cause in 2016? Before that question can … Continue reading Republicans and the Black Vote (article links)

Clinton, Sanders, and the Black Vote (article links)

One of the big topics - again - of this presidential election cycle is race. Focusing on the Democratic side of the race for now, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in South Carolina, stumping for support for the upcoming Primary, especially when it comes to the Black votes. Sanders supporters point out the work that … Continue reading Clinton, Sanders, and the Black Vote (article links)

Short Circuits

Perhaps the biggest story in the world, up until a few hours ago, is the mass exodus of Syrians from their homeland, and the acceptance and rejections that they are facing in various parts of the Middle East and Europe. In the U.S., President Obama laid out his plan for the refugees. Meanwhile, Syrian President Bashar … Continue reading Short Circuits

“Short Circuits”

To get some of the more distasteful subjects out of the way first:  Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis refused to grant marriage licenses to LGBT couples months ago. The Supreme Court made its ruling about gay marriages... and Davis refused to grant the licenses, based on "religious freedom". She and her attorney appealed; a Circuit … Continue reading “Short Circuits”

In Other News….

... 9 people are dead after a 21-year old gunman entered an African-American church in Charleston, SC and started shooting worshippers, in an apparent racially motivated attack. Amazing how the gunman is still alive. It's also amazing how people continue to ignore/overlook/hide the facts that racism - in statements about politicians, in police incidents, in comments … Continue reading In Other News….

The POTUS and Race & Gender questions, plus the 2016 Race

1) Has Barack Obama's terms scared away other minorities from running for the Presidency? 2) Will another woman become a VP/Presidential candidate, especially if Hilary Clinton isn't successful in her not formally announced yet campaign? I remember back in 1988 being surprised that the Rev. Jesse Jackson was running for president. I don't remember the numbers but … Continue reading The POTUS and Race & Gender questions, plus the 2016 Race