The 12 Days of Finals: Day 3

Supplies are fine. Main enemy - the Web Site Project - not engaged today. GOOD. Sleep... 2 attempts at naps, 2 failures. I had hoped to spend time at Team Trivia this evening, as 'downtime', but could not get enough to field a team again. Since I probably won't be there next Tuesday, it will be 4 out … Continue reading The 12 Days of Finals: Day 3

World of Warcraft: “Podicus Wrecks” Podcast!

On Sunday, I was a guest on Episode #11 of Podicus Wrecks, the podcast manned by J.R. of Comicdom Wrecks. We discussed various things World Of Warcraft-related: favorite expansion, item that we would take out of WoW, preferred class, and so on. It was a fun, interesting experience, especially from someone who isn't a great fan of interviews … Continue reading World of Warcraft: “Podicus Wrecks” Podcast!

“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Birthday!’

Now that the Democratic and Republican Conventions are over, and some in Social Media Land on Facebook have stopped taking thinly veiled shots at President Obama (really - putting quotations around the word 'man'?), let's turn our attention to better things, such as: The Olympics starting in 2 weeks, 2 Drum Corps circuits in the … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Birthday!’