The 12 Days of Finals: Day 3

Supplies are fine. Main enemy – the Web Site Project – not engaged today. GOOD.

Sleep… 2 attempts at naps, 2 failures.

I had hoped to spend time at Team Trivia this evening, as ‘downtime’, but could not get enough to field a team again. Since I probably won’t be there next Tuesday, it will be 4 out of 5 weeks that I will miss it, none of which were voluntary. ‘Annoyance.exe’ continues to execute in the background. 

I found out earlier this (Tuesday) morning that my Cultural Diversity (FLK 280) Final isn’t on December 7th… it’s this Thursday, December 1st. Panic Circuits did not engage but they warmed up pretty quickly.

Spent around 4 total hours on this week’s assignments from about 10:30-3:30, then another 4 hours, from about 4:30-9:00 this afternoon and evening. Managed to get the 2 big reading assignments finished (Project 5 for CIT Foundations (CIT 300) and the 5 articles for Web Development (CIT 302)), plus listened to the audio lecture notes for CIT 302 and made my Discussion Board post for CIT 300. Still a lot to do but that was a decent start.

Took a look at some old material for the Systems Thinking (SPS 300) Paper. Closed that material minutes later – I think I accidentally opened a shadow version of the Ark of the Covenant. The mind wanted no part of Systems Thinking at 9:20 PM. Instead, I finally bought “Legion” for World of Warcraft and played it for an hour or so, to wind down.

I have to work Wednesday at Kinetic 9:30 AM – 5:30 PM, so the HW plan/studying plan will be abbreviated. I need to get my slides together for our CIT 300 Group Project, plus review the FLK 280 material for Thursday. And I have to take on that Web Site again.

Sleep Time!


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