The 12 Days of Finals: Days 1-2

Nope. Just 5 Articles to read, one Audio Lecture, 3 Papers, 2 Quizzes, a Group Project PowerPoint presentation, 3 Discussion Board assignments, one Regular Assignment, and a BIG Web Site Project to do this/turn in week.


This week is the last week of classes before Finals: My Finals are: 12/5 @ 2:00 (CIT Foundations); 12/6 @ 2:00 (Web Development); 12/7 @ possibly 3:00 (Cultural Diversity In The U.S.); and 12/8 (Systems Thinking – Final Paper has to be turned in by then).

Day 1 (Sunday): 11 1/2 hours of work at TRIMARC. No HW to worry about from last week – yay! Some HW to do from previous weeks – meh. ALL the Homeworks for this week… ALL OF THEM – BOO! Recorded a podcast – see last blog post.

Day 2 (today): 12-6:30 AM dragged along at work (TRIMARC); unfortunately, my supervisor lost his Mom an hour after our shift started Sunday evening. Got home at 7:00, got about 5 hours of sleep. Errands done, started to work more on that weeks-long Web Site project. Found out that I will lose my Fantasy Football matchup by at least 60 points; I was 10-1 coming into the week…. that finished off a ‘wonderful’ sports weekend for me.


No work at Kinetic today. Used Google Hangouts in a group call setting for the first time. That saved me from having to go cross-county in the rain to buy a webcam! Web cam Hangouts was for a 50-minute planning call for that group project in CIT Foundations; project may not be as time-consuming as I thought. *fingers crossed* 


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