The 12 Days of Finals: Days 4-5

Day 4 (Wednesday):

A short day of homework and studying, a full shift at Kinetic (9:30-5:30). The Kinetic shift was weird. I found out that 2 friends were fired earlier in the week; I also got so tired at about 3:30 that I had to take my last break earlier than planned, just to go outside, get some fresh air, and seriously not pass out.

Once I got home, I spent a few hours on the Discussion board posts for the CIT classes, plus read an article for my Cultural Diversity Final. Other than a couple of hours on “Legion”, plus patching “Atlas Reactor”, that was the extent of Wednesday.

Day 5, The First Final: FLK 280

Too many delays.

No work today. A little review, then lunch (which ended up being much more difficult than necessary – yay, Louisville Transit System), then an INR Check (with an hour wait in the waiting room). My right foot decided to throw a 2-part tantrum during lunch (Plantar Tear pain under/in the 2nd and 3rd toe, plus Plantar Fasciitis pain). I HAVE NO TIME FOR YOUR PAINFUL SHENANIGANS TODAY, FOOT.

Finally got home, napped, reviewed, and took my Cultural Diversity final. There were 17 multiple choice and short answer questions, plus an 18th short essay question. There was no time limit on the exam. Going in, I had a 94%, with 2 late assignments left to be graded; I needed to get at least a 70% to lock in an ‘A’ for the semester. The short answer questions and essay haven’t been graded yet; I missed 3 or 4 of the multiple choice questions (5 points each). 


Not a good feeling to know that 1 hour of mediocrity might cost me an ‘A’. We’ll see what happens in the next few days.

The rest of the night will probably be filled with wrapping up Discussion Board reactions and finishing up slides for the CIT 300 group project (CIT 300 meaning explained in the Days 1-2 entry). I doubt there will be much wind-down game time but I can’t rule it completely rule it out. 

I just realized that I missed “Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown”. Dangit.

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