The 12 Days of Finals: Day 6

(could probably consider this a “Night Walk” also, since I just finished for the day and it’s close to 2 AM when I’m staring this blog)

No word on the Cultural Diversity Final grade; I probably will find out sometime next week, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday.

Part of yesterday’s foot shenanigans – the toe area – wasn’t too bad today, thankfully.

The majority of today, once the mind decided to wake up, was spent on the late work for Systems Thinking and the current work for Web Development. I aced this week’s quiz (2 days before it was due); I also wrapped up the Discussion Board post and responses for the week, plus knocked out the weekly unit assignment (a 1-2 page paper on Web Site Portfolios). All that’s left for Web Development is Tuesday’s Final (200 points) and the Web Site Project (250 points). I am currently at an 84% (B) in the class, with today’s work not graded yet. If I get mid-90s on both the Final (possible) and Web Site (needs work), I could end with an ‘A’ for the semester. Considering how that class started, that would be a pretty big accomplishment.

The Systems Thinking work (Discussion Board posts, responses, and a paper) took a while to start, and longer to do. I got through 1 post, plus read up on the paper and a 2nd board topic, thankfully. The rest will be part of Saturday’s focus, especially if I can get some done at work overnight. The other part of Saturday will be review for the CIT Foundations Final.

I’m trying to save the few hours I have free on Sunday for Finals review. I only work 4 hours Sunday night (my boss let me out of the overnight part; I only work 6:30 PM-10:30 PM).

Halfway through the 12 days of Finals… but the ‘fun’ part starts Monday at 2:00 PM!


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