Republicans and the Black Vote (article links)

Continuing the theme of the earlier post about race and the Democratic candidates for the Presidency, the Republican candidates have an even larger question to answer, one in which the BBC touched on In July 2015:

Can any of the Republican candidates sway enough black voters to their cause in 2016?

Before that question can be answered, one should address the questions that this Washington Post piecetouched on:
When did black voters suddenly start voting Democratic, especially considering the Deep South Democrats’ history with racism?
Why did black voters turn to the Democrats?

This opinion piece in The Federalist addresses an issue that I’ve heard discussed before: Republicans can no longer rely on winning elections strictly on white voter turnout (or the lack of black voter turnout). The article also touches on various strategies that the author feels the Republican Party should use in this election cycle.

As for the 2016 Presidential Election, I have my doubts. Donald Trump’s rhetoric might be winning some people over but it could come at the expense of the majority of the black and Latino voting blocks; his and Ted Cruz’s “Boo! Obama is gonna GET YOU if you don’t vote for ME!” campaign theme hasn’t helped matters, either (it DID win Matt Bevin the Kentucky governorship, so maybe that tactic is more successful than I’m realizing?). It’s still very early, though, and the Super Tuesday Primaries are fast approaching; let’s see what the breakdown of black voters are, especially with front-runners Trump, Cruz, and Marco Rubio. Whoever wins the Republican nomination needs to be very wary of letting even a small amount of undecided black voters, like myself, go to the Democratic candidate (or the 3rd Party/Independent candidate). In 2016, that small amount might cost them the Presidency.

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