LG V10 Phone: Informal Review

After a month without service, I reconnected to my Verizon account, complete with a phone upgrade, on February 12th. I originally owned an HTC One M8 – a wonderful phone – but traded it out for an LG V10, paying about $4 more a month for it.

That upgrade has been a great move, so far.

The V10 is not for the faint of heart, size-wise. It’s got a 5.7″ screen: bigger than the HTC phone, approaching phone-tablet sizes. However, it is a steel-encased phone, with a rubber backing and a strong glass screen; it can take drops, bumps, and dings, and survive.

The V10 is a lightning fast, powerful phone. It comes with 4 GB of RAM – the same amount that my computer currently has! – as well as a hexcore processor. Streaming music, playing games, even watching videos wont, and should not be an issue. I’ve read in various reviews that despite the strong 3,000 mA battery, the phone tends to eat up the charge. I haven’t run across any battery life issues yet, although I haven’t really pushed this phone. Today, for example, I listened to music and played around on Facebook during a 1:15 bus trip to Target, listened to music and streamed ESPN Radio for the 10-20 minutes I spent shopping, and for the return trip; I also checked email and logged into my school’s Blackboard system. After about 3 hours, the battery was at about 75%: about where the One M8 would have been. If you do run into battery problems, the phone is equipped with Rapid Charge technology: it’ll fully charge in a little over an hour, from less than 5% to 100%, a major plus in my book.

There are some major bells and whistles on this phone, that might turn some buyers off. The dual-front camera is RIDICULOUSLY sharp; the rear camera is also pretty good. I haven’t taken many pictures yet but it comes with some detailed picture and movie mode settings.

If you like to see the specs and some reviews on the LG V10, I would suggest going to CNET and Digital Trends, for starters.

The V10’s size and extra features won’t be for everybody. The costs won’t either, unless you are in a plan like Verizon’s EDGE. However, the amount of RAM, the processing speed, the ruggedness, and the cameras more than make up for it. Give this phone a loom, if you are phone shopping – you will like what you see!

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