Clinton, Sanders, and the Black Vote (article links)

One of the big topics – again – of this presidential election cycle is race. Focusing on the Democratic side of the race for now, Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in South Carolina, stumping for support for the upcoming Primary, especially when it comes to the Black votes.

Sanders supporters point out the work that he did during the Civil Rights Movement, assuming that this will translate into an automatic endorsement from the Black community. Clinton supporters are making similar assumptions, with her and her husband Bill’s decades-long ties to the Black community. I don’t know who is more accurate with their beliefs; I did, however, find a few articles that match my current thought – “don’t assume that every Black voter will flock to Bernie Sanders because he was photographed at a Civil Rights rally”:

Washington Post article

CNN article about Sanders’ struggles in South Carolina

New York Times: “First Draft”, with articles about both candidates’ preparations in South Carolina

While his messages and promises are appealing to a large (and growing) segment of Democrats and Independents, Bernie Sanders has to make those messages appeal to Black voters and potential supporters if he hopes to have any shot of winning the Democratic nomination or Presidency.

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