July 21st, 2020

Here’s what was planned for today:
– work ’til 2:30 PM
– get a Driver’s Manual, after work
– pick up my Warfarin prescription
– get ready for Carvana delivery on Thursday morning


Work, while the day was dragging, went well.

I got my Car Insurance paperwork printed and ready to go for Thursday. Insurance payment #1 came out of my checking acct. Sweet!

I then headed the Nia Center for the Driver’s Manual. The West Louisville Branch was… closed. Asking the Center security, they said that Driver’s Manuals were now online. I wish I knew that before making the 20-25 minute trip.

And missing 2 buses, afterwards.

I finally got back Downtown to get my prescription. It wasn’t ready, but it wasn’t a huge deal: they filled it in about 15 minutes.

I then got an email from Western KY: I had missed the deadline to turn in the big stage of my Capstone paper. Meaning: I wouldn’t earn enough points to pass; I now have to again until late August (or later) to re-take the class. In all of the hectic events of June and July, I simply had forgotten about the Capstone project. Graduation is now pushed back again. DANG!!!

I got home around 5:30 and had a letter from 2 old High School friends. Interesting…!
Inside, there was a sweet card from them. I had recently chatted with them about why I hadn’t gotten a car until now (more on that, later); they sent a card, reminding me that “I wasn’t alone”. There was also a gift inside the letter. I can tell you that that gift will stay private… for now. I can also tell you that I was struggling to fight back tears after reading the card and seeing the gift – it was the nicest thing I’ve been given by anyone outside of family! I will never forget it!

To make a very long story short: money, with a period of bad credit in the late 2000’s, has been the reason that I haven’t purchased a vehicle. Some credit work, some really good pay checks from my current job, and a big tax return in April, are the reasons that I ordered a car from Carvana, to be delivered on July 22nd. It was a 2013 Nissan LEAF, a mid-sized electric car.

My insurance is in order, paperwork was signed, and delivery will be at 11 AM.


I got a call from Carvana, about an hour ago, that they found some issues with my to-be vehicle during their final inspections. The battery wasn’t charging effectively and some other battery issues; they did not feel safe selling me that car.

So, I will be sans vehicle on Thursday. However, I’m not as upset as you would think. For starters, I’m glad they found the problems, and told me about them, before I found them on the road. 2nd: they gave me until August 18th to find another vehicle; there wouldn’t be another credit check or application process to worry about until then. I am currently back on Carvana and should have a new vehicle picked out by Thursday night. I plan on staying around the same overall price range ($10K – $13K) and the same monthly payment range (< $275 a month).

So, a (not good) change of plans with school, a (good-to-very-good) change of plans with a car purchase, and a heart-touching communications with old friends headline one of the most interesting, roller coaster-like days I’ve had in years. I had to write it down.

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