Baaaack, back, back, back….

“Settle For Nothing”, by Rage Against the Machine, is today’s background track.

It’s been a minute since my last post! So, what’s been going on?


I’m still working at TRIMARC and just passed my 5-year anniversary! It’s been a fun, interesting 5 years, monitoring the interstates in Louisville and the Northern KY areas. A spot has opened up for the Weekend Overnight Supervisor position, but I’m probably not going to apply for it. While the hourly rate is a little higher, I would lose 16 hours a week. Also, I still want to march with Cincinnati Tradition in 2022 and that position would completely conflict with it. So, I stay on Weekday 1st Shift.

Speaking of the job, COVID-19 hit us, although it has thankfully missed my shift. We’ve had 3 people out with it and a 4th one out due to living with a then-COVID patient. 2 of them have since returned to work. Keeping my fingers crossed that 1st Shift stays healthy.

I mentioned in a previous post that I created a Tinder profile. After a few months on there, I’m going to delete it in the next 1-3 days. I have a very hard time believing that nearly every woman in the 35-45 age group likes to hike and be outdoors, and is on Tinder for “serious relationships”.


I FINALLY HAVE A CAR!!!!! A 2012 Chrysler 200! I’m slowly working on getting my Driver’s License so I can finally DRIVE to work, to Game Nights, and anywhere else!

Physically, I’ve been dealing with a lot of pain, lately. There’s inflammation in my back (mainly upper) and ribs (for some reason), plus foot pain (which has gotten worse), and the occasional wrist pains. I am going to go get checked out if the inflammation doesn’t improve. It’s not been a fun few weeks.

The ‘streak’ is now at 9 years.

Cincinnati Tradition – the Drum & Bugle Corps that I marched with in 2019 – finished the 2021 DCA Virtual Season in 5th Place, with a score of 86.55. That’s the 2nd highest score in corps history, and the highest Open Class finish in corps history (they did win 2 Class ‘A’ World Championships in 2016 and 2017). Congratulations!!

For this year, I’m going to (try and) watch 31 horror movies in October again, 1 per day. The difference for 2021 is that I have a list of about 50 movies (and may add to that list) that I’ll choose form, rather than winging it like last year. An unofficial 1st movie was ‘Malignant’, which I saw a few days ago. It was…. ok. The ending 30 minutes was SOMETHING, though! After that, I’ll probably watch most of the movies after work (weekdays) and in the evenings (on weekends). Should be fun!


There’s a quick update on me. Hopefully, the rest of 2021 goes well, is mostly pain-free, and hopefully full of fun times and meetings with friends!

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