For those who are/were regular readers of my blog, thank you for sticking around! For new readers, welcome to The Nexus!
I don’t have a really good reason why this is only the 3rd post since June, other than ‘total mental exhaustion’. I could never seem to get going in a lot of things: this page, my reviews on Comicdom Wrecks, school work, even video games. Thankfully, over the last 3 weeks or so, I’ve managed to get some much-needed rest, albeit inconsistent. Consequently, a new post!


An Update on me:
Like I said above, I am not as mentally exhausted as I was over the summer. I have a work vacation coming up at the beginning of 2022, and I plan on not doing a whole lot. Physically, I’ve been dealing with off-and-on inflammation in my upper back (by my shoulder blades), a pain in my right side (which I might get looked at soon), and discomfort in both feet. The feet is a chronic problem; I have to deal with it until I can get to a Podiatrist again.
My INR was high at last checkup but lower than the checkup before.
I’m somewhere around 170 pounds; no real change in that department.


My car is wonderful! I just wish I had more time to learn to drive it. Between work schedules, the back/foot issues, and now a dead battery, it’s sat in my garage more than it’s been driven. However, I still plan on driving my car to work before the end of the year (even if it’s just with a Driver’s Permit)!

I am only in 2 D&D campaigns now. The one with my Tiefling Gloomstalker Ranger is on hold – the DM became a father, a few months back. We might start back up in February. The one with my Warforger Artificer is over; we restarted with new characters. In that one (meets roughly once every 5-6 weeks), I now have a Water Genasi Tempest Cleric – a little ‘loud’ for an espionage campaign, but I think I can make it work. The other one (meets every other Friday night), I am playing as a Tortle Gunslinger, and am having a blast with it!

“The Streak” is now over 9 years. All I can do is chuckle, now. šŸ˜‰

I’m a little over halfway finished decorating my apartment for Christmas! I have lights up around the window near my desktop, and lights up around the main set of windows in the living room. The Christmas Tree is up, with a strand of white lights up. I’m going to look for some blue lights and some silver Tinsel either Friday or Saturday (to keep up the Blue-Silver-White theme of last year); if I can’t find the lights, I have a multicolor strand of lights that I can put up. The tree should be ready by Monday. For the rest of the apartment, I’m going to look for some small decorations to put on the walls or the counters/bookcases.
I’m also hosting the family again. I like hosting, especially during Christmas!

One of the things that I cut back on during the summer is reading/listening to audio books. I’ve picked back up the audio books with a return to The Dresden Files, by Jim Butcher. I’ve finished books 9-11, and am currently into book 12. I want to finish the series by the end of the year.

My job is going well! I’m a little burned out but that’s where the upcoming vacation comes in – I can hit the ‘reset’ button for a week. Monitoring interstate traffic for Louisville and the Northern KY (up near Cincinnati) areas, I have seen nearly everything: Freezing Fog; dumpsters on fire; people walking on the interstate; helicopters landing on the interstate; interstates closed (and our cameras turned off) when the President, Vice President, or candidates for both offices come into the areas; overturned livestock trucks; and police chases that involved 15+ cars…. just to name a few. I don’t plan on making this job a ‘career’ but it is a very nice job to have, for the time being.


Well, there’s a brief update on things, as I return to near-regular posting. I’ll probably post a couple more times before the year ends.

Hope you all are well!!

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