Welcome to 2022!

It’s a new year! It’s now up to me to see how the early weeks of 2022 go.

One thing I’m going to do differently, compared to past years: I’m not making Resolutions, “Wish Lists”, or anything similar, other than a Reading Challenge for Goodreads (I want to read/listen to more than 20 books in 2022). If COVID-19 has taught me anything, it’s that “the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” We will see what we will see!


Speaking of COVID, I now will get my booster shot on Thursday, alongside my flu shot. I have 2 metal heart valves and a slightly enlarged heart, making me High Risk for any variation of COVID-19. I can’t afford to take chances with this – I’ve already seen 3 friends lose to COVID. For those who repeatedly flood social media with such conspiracy posts as “I’m not sick, so COVID is a media hoax”, or “[President] Biden is convincing all of the sheep to do [this and that]”: take those posts, fold them neatly and uniformly, kindly bend over, and…. well, you know the rest.


Christmas went pretty well! I had planned on fixing dinner for the family. On Christmas Eve, I dozed off after work (I was working from home); when I woke up, the local grocery store had closed for the evening, so I couldn’t buy some meat. Instead, I made what turned out to be a decent version of Mac ‘n Cheese for everyone. They liked it!
I got a couple of gift cards for Christmas, plus an ‘Iron Spider’ Funko POP! figure, a wireless game controller for my PC (which I plan on using a lot, starting today), a very warm and soft Cleveland Browns blanket, and a very warm Browns toboggan. All in all, a very good day!

New Year’s Eve was ok. I worked 12 hours, so a lot of things were closed when got off of work. With TARC running on a limited schedule, and my car out of commission (more on that, below), I didn’t go to a friend’s house for Game Night. Instead, it was a fairly boring countdown to 2022; I did watch a few minutes of ‘Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’ for the ball drop.


Speaking of my car (tentatively named “Scarlett”), I had left it in my garage for a little over a month without starting it. When I went out to try and start it, the battery had died. Utterly dead. My brothers tried jumping it on Christmas evening but it wasn’t holding the charge. So, I ordered a battery charger (should be here in a day or 2).

Lesson One in ‘New Car Ownership’: occasionally start your car, and let it run, if you don’t take it out and drive it.

UofL Football

The University of Louisville football team lost their bowl game to Air Force, 31-28. They finish 6-7, back-to-back losing seasons. I think Coach Satterfield should start the 2022 season as coach. Their first 6 games: at Central Florida; hosting South Florida; hosting James Madison; at Kentucky; at Boston College; at Clemson. If UofL isn’t at least 4-2 after those games, I would fire Satterfield, especially if UofL gets blown out by UK again. We have been mediocre (at best) for 2 of the last 3 years; another mediocre start to the season just won’t cut it. Coach Bonner has spoken. 😉
If there’s a consolation to the bowl game, this was one of the best endings I’ve seen:
UofL vs. UCF Ending

Vacation Time!

I am off from work until January 10th! I wish I could have traveled somewhere but I am content with just not having to set a 4:25 AM or 5:05 AM alarm. I don’t have many grand plans for this week; mainly, it’ll be video game-playing, taking care of a few errands, listening to Audiobooks, some TV (but not a lot), and a Dungeons & Dragons session on Friday night. I would like to end ‘the streak’ before it hits a decade. I also would love to hang out with friends this week but the combination of COVID wariness (from most) and most of my friends working early shifts (so very few of them stay awake past 9:00, unless necessary) leave very few available options.
I also have a Pep Band gig with UofL on Wednesday night – the first time in 15 years that I’ve played with any Pep Band! Once I get driving, I also may have some gigs with Indiana University Southeast, over in New Albany – awesome! I’m very excited, esp. about Wednesday!!

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