Is It Already February?!?


I’ve restarted my Capstone class but decided to not do Code Louisville, this semester. The workload would have been too much. This is my 2nd chance at the Capstone, as I screwed up the deadlines of the last attempt. Wish me luck!


I am approaching my 12-year anniversary of my heart valve surgery! I’m going to see if I can get the 22nd off from work.

My INR has been all over the place, this winter. In general, the INR is the ratio of how slow my blood clots to how fast a ‘normal’ blood sample clots; the higher the number, the slower the clotting. My ratio is supposed to be between 2.5 and 3.5: 2.5 – 3.5 times slower than ‘normal’. For me, if that number is lower than 2.0, I run a risk of blood clots (which could be fatal); higher than 4.0, and a stroke risk increases. When it’s low, I start feeling sluggish and “mush brained”; when it’s high, I get lightheaded and really tired.
For this winter, I’ve been as low as 2.1 and as high as 4.6. It’s not been pleasant. 😉 Right now, it’s around 2.5. Let’s hope I can get it back stabilized, very soon.

Fun Stuff

My video game-playing has focused on Madden ’22 and Doom (2016), for the last month or so. Madden ’22 is a bit of a challenge on the PC, probably because the last Madden game I played was ’08. Doom has been fun… up to when I lost nearly a quarter of the game through a glitch in my Save File; I went from just past the halfway mark to before the quarter mark. Frustrating! I’ve managed to work my way back close to where I originally was.
With my work schedule and school schedule, I really haven’t had time to play much more than those two, not even World of Warcraft. Some time soon, I want to start streaming my Doom (2016) playing. I think it would be fun!

I’ve really enjoyed reading, and listening to, The Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. I am currently on Book 17 (the most current book) and the stakes have ramped up a ton. Harry Dresden is Chicago’s resident wizard – an actual wizard, not a stage magician. He went from running rogue sorcerers out of Chicago and fighting ghouls, to fighting vampires and a Loup-Garou (think “near-indestructible, likely Demonic Werewolf, the size of a Bison), to fighting vampire courts and Titans. It has possibly pulled alongside the Shannara mega-series (by Terry Brooks) as my 2nd favorite book series.


Something I had touched on before: I have the itch to get a house. I love my current apartment – it’s in a great area (near Churchill Downs, in a quiet part of Wilder Park), it’s a fairly large apartment, and I’m pretty centrally located. However, I want a yard, back or front; I want to decorate a place to my liking (painting walls, landscaping, etc.); and I want neighbors in other buildings, not in the same building. I don’t have outstanding credit (it’s not horrible, though) or enough for a down payment on a house, but I think I can afford mortgage payments. We’ll see how this goes in 2022.

Other Random Thoughts

I miss hanging out with friends outside of my D&D groups. Some are staying indoors until Covid dies down; others have started families and now (very) rarely have time to go out/hang out. I think the big thing is that I have a bout of cabin fever: whatever I do or wherever I go, it needs to not be work or my place.

University of Louisville’s Women’s Basketball Team is making a final push towards the post-season tournaments, including a possible #1 seed and Final Four berth. University of Louisville’s Men’s Basketball Team (11-13) is trying not to finish with it’s worst win-loss record in over 30 years (12-19).

Is it a crime to just want a Friend(s) With Benefits/casual dating/casual sex but not want to get married/be in a serious relationship? Asking for a stir-crazy Cyborg.

That was a good Super Bowl and an even more fun Halftime Show. Probably the best Halftime Show since Prince!

I need to start going back to Planet Fitness and working out. I’m not in the same shape as I was when I was marching in 2019, but I’m not nearly as heavy (I’m probably 30 pounds lighter than I was in the Fall of ’19). If/when I go back, I’ll continue with Bike, Recumbent Bike, and Treadmill work, but I’ll throw in some upper body work, too. I’m not looking to bulk up, as much I’m looking to regain strength and tone up.

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