COVID-19 ‘Short Circuits’: The Frozen Tundra

As of February 13tth, I do not have COVID-19. I should go get tested again, though. 'The Frozen Tundra' title refers to an Ice Storm that hit Louisville and a good chunk of Kentucky on Wednesday. We got anywhere from 0.2"-0.5" of ice, enough to cause power outages, downed trees, and a WHOLE LOT of … Continue reading COVID-19 ‘Short Circuits’: The Frozen Tundra

“Night Walk”: Staycation, Part I

Wednesday, February 19th, 12:13 AM My vacation from TRIMARC is underway! For the first time (that I can remember) since September 2017, I had more than 2 days off that weren't for school, Drum & Bugle Corps, or an illness/injury; it's 9 days - a work week, plus the weekends on either side - of … Continue reading “Night Walk”: Staycation, Part I

“Night Walk”: “Hermit”

3:50 AM I was looking through some old messages between some good friends and I on Facebook. I realized just how little we had talked to each other, or hung out, over the last few years. Unfortunately, it's been that way with about 95% of my friends, since probably 2013 or 2014. There are 3 … Continue reading “Night Walk”: “Hermit”

Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

It is 3:45 AM, the Monday after Finals. I am still waiting on grades from 2 classes. Here's what I know and what I'm guessing on (in red): Intro to Supply Chain Management: I don't know what I got on my Final but it was not good - my semester average dropped a fraction of … Continue reading Spring Semester Wrap-Up and Summer Break

The 12 Days of Finals: Day 12 (and 13)

That picture sums things up. Day 12 (Thursday) The lesson for Thursday: don't battle on two fronts when your reserves are nearly spent. The "reserves" in question were the energy levels. The "two fronts": a project and the body. My plan was to go to Planet Fitness late morning, then come back home and wrap … Continue reading The 12 Days of Finals: Day 12 (and 13)

“Night Walk”

A Night Walk is not a good idea, right now. There's the whole "not particularly safe" clause. And the foot issues. Instead, since it about 1:25 AM EST, and I can't fall asleep, a mental "Night Walk" will have to suffice. The sleep issue goes back a while. I sometimes have nights where the mind … Continue reading “Night Walk”


"No... sleep... 'TIL BROOKLYN!!!" -The Beastie Boys   Any room on that scale for Elliptical Bike work? I've heard somewhere before that "life is a balancing act." Well, the Fall semester of 2016 has been a balancing act for the ages. I'm now getting hours at Kinetic again, working at TRIMARC (a traffic monitoring place, under … Continue reading Balance