25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 2

I have had a few days to let everything sink in. Thursday May 4th was a day I will not soon forget! It was cloudy in Louisville but pretty rainy in central and southern Kentucky. Once we got to Bowling Green, the rain was easing up, but still steady. After a few moment with my … Continue reading 25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 2

“Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’

The start of the 2017-2018 school year at Western Kentucky University is on August 21st. However, I have one class that is On Demand: I can start it whenever I like, as long as I spend at least 7 weeks in the class and, since I'm paying for the class with Financial Aid, finish the … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’


"No... sleep... 'TIL BROOKLYN!!!"¬†-The Beastie Boys   Any room on that scale for Elliptical Bike work? I've heard somewhere before that "life is a balancing act." Well, the Fall semester of 2016 has been a balancing act for the ages. I'm now getting hours at Kinetic again, working at TRIMARC (a traffic monitoring place, under … Continue reading Balance

“Inside The Terrordome IV”

It's one of those nights where the brain won't shut off..... - NPR published this interesting article¬†about "Blind Auditions" and how they can help employers screen potential new employees. It is spot-on. Writing on personal experiences, I have passed up putting in applications on jobs because I never met the "experience" prerequisite. How am I … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome IV”