“Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’

The start of the 2017-2018 school year at Western Kentucky University is on August 21st. However, I have one class that is On Demand: I can start it whenever I like, as long as I spend at least 7 weeks in the class and, since I'm paying for the class with Financial Aid, finish the … Continue reading “Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’


"No... sleep... 'TIL BROOKLYN!!!"¬†-The Beastie Boys   Any room on that scale for Elliptical Bike work? I've heard somewhere before that "life is a balancing act." Well, the Fall semester of 2016 has been a balancing act for the ages. I'm now getting hours at Kinetic again, working at TRIMARC (a traffic monitoring place, under … Continue reading Balance

“Inside The Terrordome IV”

It's one of those nights where the brain won't shut off..... - NPR published this interesting article¬†about "Blind Auditions" and how they can help employers screen potential new employees. It is spot-on. Writing on personal experiences, I have passed up putting in applications on jobs because I never met the "experience" prerequisite. How am I … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome IV”