25 Years: WKU Commencement Ceremony, Part 2

I have had a few days to let everything sink in. Thursday May 4th was a day I will not soon forget!

It was cloudy in Louisville but pretty rainy in central and southern Kentucky. Once we got to Bowling Green, the rain was easing up, but still steady.

After a few moment with my Dad, 2 brothers, and sister, they went into the football stadium, while I walked a few blocks away to line up for “Topper Walk”, a fairly new tradition where the graduating class(es) walk down the Hill to the stadium (with friends and family lined up along the way, cheering for them).

Once in the stadium, we (graduates) took our seats. There were a few speeches, honorary degrees awarded, and each college was individually recognized. The best part: moving that tassel to the left of my mortar board! My journey to a Bachelor’s Degree is complete!

… with one loose end left: I had my last Final delayed, due to a logistical mix-up. I now have to take it on Tuesday. Once that’s done, then *I* am done!

Here are some pics and videos:

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