“Night Walks”: ‘Fall 2017 Semester’

The start of the 2017-2018 school year at Western Kentucky University is on August 21st. However, I have one class that is On Demand: I can start it whenever I like, as long as I spend at least 7 weeks in the class and, since I’m paying for the class with Financial Aid, finish the class by the 2nd week before Finals Week. That On Demand class just posted to my Blackboard account; I might start that class within the next week to 10 days.

I currently have 4 classes, 12 hours total, but I am waiting on the response from a professor about a 5th class (the class is currently full):

  • CIT 370: Telecommunications I. This is the On Demand class. I have the basic syllabus, including the required books, but I haven’t looked up the book prices yet.
  • CIT 352: Database Administration II. I still have the book from DB Admin I; I plan on some “pre-game studying” out of it
  • CIT 330: Systems Development
  • CIT 482: Systems Security I
  • CIT 476: Network Administration I: This is the class that I am waiting on

A couple of other options for a 5th class include:

  • CIT 310: Systems Architecture I (On Demand)
  • CIT 486: Knowledge Management

While not horrible, I’m looking to improve on that 2.50 G.P.A. last Spring. There is a big wild card this semester: working 3rd shift. I can probably get a good chunk of homework done at work on slow nights; we’ll see how studying goes, especially when I’m not at work.

Now, I just have to enjoy what little free time I have left for this summer. I am very much looking forward to 9 days off at the beginning of September; I probably won’t go anywhere major (the NHRA U.S. Nationals, in Indianapolis on Labor Day, is the only planned trip) but I am looking forward to a lot of sleep.

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