“Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Palate Cleanser’

(because I'm all 'alt-Right', 'the media is horrible and manipulating¬†you', 'Confederate statues', 'race-bait', and 'Tiki torch'-ed out.... and, I'd imagine, you are too!) The new semester officially starts on Monday. I am going to try something different with work, school, and homework/studying this Fall: I'm going to set up a rough schedule, as if my … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome”: ‘Palate Cleanser’

“Night Walk”: Finals and the 1st Year at WKU

It's Finals time... already. Technically, Finals start on Monday but I had some exams on Thursday and Friday (3 total), plus one that's due by Sunday night. This semester, due to a badly misread email, I have 4 Final Exams, 3 clumped together: CIT 496 (Technology Support Administration) on Monday; CIT 350 (Database Administration I) … Continue reading “Night Walk”: Finals and the 1st Year at WKU

“Inside The Terrordome IV”

It's one of those nights where the brain won't shut off..... - NPR published this interesting article¬†about "Blind Auditions" and how they can help employers screen potential new employees. It is spot-on. Writing on personal experiences, I have passed up putting in applications on jobs because I never met the "experience" prerequisite. How am I … Continue reading “Inside The Terrordome IV”