“Night Walk”: Finals and the 1st Year at WKU

It’s Finals time… already. Technically, Finals start on Monday but I had some exams on Thursday and Friday (3 total), plus one that’s due by Sunday night.

This semester, due to a badly misread email, I have 4 Final Exams, 3 clumped together: CIT 496 (Technology Support Administration) on Monday; CIT 350 (Database Administration I) on Wednesday; AMS 396 (Intro to Supply Chain Management), now on Thursday; and AMS 430 (Technology Management/Team Building) on Friday. I also have a big database project that’s due on Monday night (I am about 75% finished), and a 3-4 hour certification at one of my jobs on Monday afternoon.

  • AMS 396: I have been flirting with the 70% line for most of the semester. I am at a 70.4%, with only the Final  left, technically. The exams I took for this class on Friday, I can take twice, keeping the higher grade. I may retake one of the two, to see if I can squeeze out some more points.
  • AMS 430: I honestly do not know where I stand. The professor turned off the grades for everything except for the midterm (which I did not do well on). We email our assignments to him;l he’ll respond once he gets them, and sometimes tell you a grade. I know that I got an A+ and an  A on two of our papers, but not sure what I got on everything else. If I had to guess, I have a B, going into the Final.
  • CIT 350: If there is a class  where the Final means the most, it’s this one. I had a bad start but finally clawed my way back to an 80%, before slipping slightly back to a 77.4%. There are still 4 assignments to be graded, the project to turn in, and the Final to take. There are enough points still out there to get very close to an A, but I’m not falling into the trap of assuming that a B is a lock.
  • CIT 496: I think this class might be locked into a C… but, . a B or a D is possible. I have around a 71%, but there’s still a Discussion Board grade (10 points) and the last chapter exam (50 points) to take. Where the Final plays in: the class has 1,050 possible points; I have 536 out of 750 points. The Final is worth 240 points. Combined with a decent grade on the chapter exam, a 90%+ on the Final puts me in line for a B.

I think my 1st year at Western Kentucky University (WKU) has been a “guarded success”. I got a 3.00 in the Fall, on the strength of a great November and early December. I’m hoping for a 3.00 this semester, despite a bad end of January. The biggest lesson learned this year, especially this semester: “don’t wear so many hats” (sub-lesson: “don’t say ‘yes’ all of the time”). There was a point where I had 2 jobs, an internship, and a podcast, in addition to classes and other stuff. I’m now on LOA from one job (for a few weeks) and am off from the internship (until next week) but that should have been done in March, not May, in perfect 20/20 hindsight. 

Other than a heavy head of hats, I can’t complain about my 1st year at WKU. I’m looking to take 12-15 online hours in the Fall (almost all of them in CIT classes). I don’t know how the job(s) situation will play out, exactly: the internship ends on July 1st, I am trying to switch shifts for my main TRIMARC job, and I don’t honestly know if I will stay at Kinetic, once my LOA ends. But that’s for later this spring and summer – Finals are for now!

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