COVID-19 ‘Short Circuits’: The Frozen Tundra

As of February 13tth, I do not have COVID-19. I should go get tested again, though.

‘The Frozen Tundra’ title refers to an Ice Storm that hit Louisville and a good chunk of Kentucky on Wednesday. We got anywhere from 0.2″-0.5″ of ice, enough to cause power outages, downed trees, and a WHOLE LOT of driving issues (not to mention walking problems). 3 days later, most of our streets are clear, but a lot of smaller side streets still have some ice on them. A lot of sidewalks are frozen solid. The sidewalk in front of my apartment building is nearly unwalkable; you have to walk in the grass, where there is some traction, and take your chances.

It’s quiet now; however, a 2-piece Winter Storm is supposed to hit the area late on Sunday (into Monday morning) and Monday evening (into Tuesday). Forecasts are saying anywhere from 4″ of snow and sleet, up to 11″ of snow, will hit Louisville. As a walker/bus rider, I would LOVE to not have to walk to bus stops in that stuff, to go to work….

…since we do have equipment for workers to work from home. 1st and 2nd shift workers rotate working from home once a week, as a COVID-19 preventive measure. We could expand that to telling us to not risk driving in bad conditions on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday and stay home. There would be Supervisors and Upper Management at the building – enough that they could could dispatch our drivers and communicate with LMPD, MetroSafe, and the KY Transportation Cabinet drivers, while the home workers would fill out the reports, watch the cameras, and send out the various Traffic Alerts.

We are now past the 1 year mark for COVID-19 cases, and almost at the 1 year mark for Louisville being shut down by COVID-19. It feels weird: at this time in 2020, I was in the middle of a staycation, just had dinner with old, good friends, and was occasionally hanging out with the Team Trivia group. This year: I’m struggling to get classwork finished by next week, have only seen the Trivia Team on Zoom calls, and probably won’t take more than an occasional day off until May.

The ‘School Crunch” is on for one class: the long-delayed ‘Systems Analysis and Design I’ class. It’s an On Demand class: I can start and finish it outside the “normal” constraints of a semester. However, that time is finite: I can purchase a 3-month extension but if I don’t finish it by that time, I get an ‘F’. I have one week left; I have about 2-3 weeks’ worth of work to do. Where I have run into problems in the last 3-4 months is being mentally exhausted. I can’t seem to put a few days together of HW and studying w/o being totally drained and taking a day (or 2 or 15) off. It might be “COVID Fatigue”? I don’t know. All I know is that I need to suck it up and get this done by next Saturday. I don’t want to screw up things with only 2 classes left…!

I need to start watching “WandaVision”! It sounds delightfully weird!

I traded in my LG V40 phone for a Motorola Edge +, about 2 weeks ago. Early thoughts: it’s a VERY good phone! It runs fast and smooth; the cameras take really good pictures and videos; and the charging time isn’t bad (maybe not as fast as the LG, though). However, the phone is VERY slick to hold, meaning it will fall out your loose grip, if you’re not careful. That’s the only minor knock on it. Otherwise, I highly recommend it if you want a change from the Samsung or iPhone lines!

Finally, my heart valve surgery is on the 19th. It will mark 11 years (for those readers who know me – can you believe it??) since my aortic and mitral valves were replaced with metallic St. Jude valves, after they were damaged by Endocarditis. Over the last 3 or 4 years, I’ve tried taking time off around the anniversary to relax and recharge. This year, I’m staying at work. I will, however, celebrate the day; how, I don’t know yet.

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