“Night Walk”: “Hermit”

3:50 AM I was looking through some old messages between some good friends and I on Facebook. I realized just how little we had talked to each other, or hung out, over the last few years. Unfortunately, it's been that way with about 95% of my friends, since probably 2013 or 2014. There are 3 … Continue reading “Night Walk”: “Hermit”

“Short Circuits”: “More Opiniony, without the fat!”

So, Bernie Sanders and Hilary Clinton had a photo finish in Iowa on the Democratic side, with Clinton nosing out Sanders, while Ted Cruz somehow edged out Donald Trump and a surprising Marco Rubio on the Republican side. This year’s races are intriguing me more than some of the recent races: Clinton/Sanders are doing to … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: “More Opiniony, without the fat!”