“Night Walk”: “Hermit”

3:50 AM

I was looking through some old messages between some good friends and I on Facebook. I realized just how little we had talked to each other, or hung out, over the last few years. Unfortunately, it’s been that way with about 95% of my friends, since probably 2013 or 2014. There are 3 main culprits to this crime: location, money, and work.

The location is Portland (far northwest part of Louisville), although it also includes when I lived with my Dad on Taylor Blvd. (a little south of Churchill Downs, if you are familiar with Louisville’s layout). Neither of these places are quick to get to via car, and the buses that run to either place don’t exactly run often or late, although the Taylor bus ran much later, and more frequently, than the Portland bus. This cut back a lot of chances to stay out late or meet up on weekends, unless someone was willing to venture cross-city to take me home.

Money was obvious; I’ve griped about it before. It is much better now, compared to 2012-2013 and 2015-most of 2016.

Work is currently the main culprit. I  work mainly 12-hour, 3rd shift, weekend shifts, at one job; random hours, up to 10 a week, at my internship (that ends in a few weeks); and whenever work came in at my 3rd job (I’m on LOA at the moment). Most get-togethers and invites are for Saturdays… which I have to turn down. However, I am about to be promoted to full-time, weekday 3rd shifts, so the weekends will open up. Now, to get a few people to not use the “I’m old, I have to be in bed by 8:30 PM” card on a weekend….

So, apologies for being an Unintentional Hermit (trademarked!) for what feels like forever. Money has improved greatly; job hours are about to improve. School doesn’t interfere a ton but I am on Summer Break now. I hope that the location improves greatly by late July. It will be nice to actually see some of you all outside of Facebook! 😉

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