“Night Walk”: Staycation, Part I

Wednesday, February 19th, 12:13 AM

My vacation from TRIMARC is underway!

For the first time (that I can remember) since September 2017, I had more than 2 days off that weren’t for school, Drum & Bugle Corps, or an illness/injury; it’s 9 days – a work week, plus the weekends on either side – of pretty much staying at home.

I missed Game Night before the vacation b/c I was dealing with a bout of light-headedness and a headache. It was from exhaustion; I hadn’t dealt with that combo in years, to be honest, so Friday was a ‘minimal activity’ day, after work.

Saturday was a day of errands, a gym stop (where I realized just much work I still have to do, to get my right foot in order…. ERRGH!), some Java programming homework, listening to a baffling loss by the University of Louisville’s Men’s basketball team, and a lot of reading (I was reading “The Doomsday Key” by James Rollins). The back half of the day was playing World of Warcraft for a few hours – I am trying to gear up some of my max-level toons, while progressing the current story with the others.

Sunday was a ‘rest’ day: a little more HW, a laundromat trip, some TV (a rarity, these days; mainly the news and another episode of “The Mandalorian”), and a LOT of gaming.

Monday’s gaming was much more spread out. In addition, there was another gym trip (about 15 minutes of fast-walking on the treadmill and about 20 minutes on a stationary bike), a lot of reading, the wrap up of the week’s Java homework, a couple of pretty good naps, and some odds and ends around the apartment.

Tuesday including a needed cleaning of the bathroom, the finishing of “The Doomsday Key (I read about 165 pages between Sunday and Tuesday; I had read about 260 pages the previous 5 weeks), and not nearly as much video game-playing.

If you look at these few days and think to yourself, “that’s not a very exciting vacation, so far”, then you are right… and that’s not a bad thing. Yes, I wouldn’t mind going out with friends once or twice before Sunday (on Thursday, I’m meeting up with an old friend from high school – highly looking forward to that!), but a few days of reading, video games, and general relaxation were the goals of this vacation. So far, so good!

I may go try a couple of different restaurants or see some attractions on Friday and Sunday. Saturday is a D&D night with some friends but it’s also the 10th Anniversary of my Heart Valve Surgery, so I might use Friday Night (or Thursday) to “officially” celebrate. Whatever else happens on this break, hopefully it will lead to a mentally and physically rested and recharged me on Monday!

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