Night Walks: ‘Odds and Ends’

It is after midnight when I started this post, so it’s technically a ‘ Night Walk’. 😉

I do not have Covid-19 and have not have a Covid-19 scare since the last post.

I took a half-day on the 9th, plus the full day off on the 12th, to catch up with school work, plus maybe have a few ‘free’ hours within those 3.5 days. I didn’t do a ton of school on Friday; instead, I spent most of the late morning and afternoon cleaning up the apartment: washing dishes, sweeping the floors, and cleaning most of the bathroom. All 3 were needed.
Saturday started with our weekly D&D session; this week was the big showdown between our party (a War Priest, a Lore Priest, a Barbarian, and a Ranger) and the Orc bands heading towards us. After a lot of prepping the week before, plus some interesting one-on-ones, we defeated the 15 or so Orcs and Boars. We leveled up (and will detour stats this Saturday) but I plan on multi-casting to… something. I’ll decide this week. The rest of Saturday was split between 3-4 of school work and a hour movie.
Sunday was almost all schoolwork. I woke up around 9; from about 10 AM to 9 PM, I spent about 9 hours on school and Code Louisville (the rest of the time was a couple of short naps and a quick trip to the grocery store). After another horror movie (“The Autopsy of Jane Doe”), I was spent, mentally.
The plan on Monday is to do similar work as Sunday. By the time I go back to work on Tuesday, I should be caught up with Code Louisville, my Python class, and very close with my Windows Software class. This will give me time to work on my 10-20 page Capstone proposal.

The Drum & Bugle Corps season was cancelled in 2020. Some of the all-age groups are having Open Houses for the possible 2021 season, this weekend and next weekend. Cincinnati Tradition is one of them. Unfortunately, I won’t be at the Open House: I am way too High Risk of catching Covid-19 and too High Risk for Complications (since I have a slightly enlarged heart and 2 meal heart valves). The only way to get there would be via Greyhound and Uber, and I don’t trust Greyhound enough to make the trip. Will I join later in 2021, assuming there is a season? Perhaps, but Covid-19 needs to be well under control by then.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is out in Early Access, and World of Warcraft: Shadowlands finally releases its pre-patch on Thursday! The pre-patch content, I may be able to play on Friday afternoon or Saturday evening, depending on school work. BG3, it may be a while. I need to upgrade my hard drive situation (it’s good enough to run it, and has the room, but a Solid State Drive would be much better) and increase my RAM (the minimum amount for the game is 8 GB, the recommended amount is 16 GB; I currently have 8 GB). There’s also school work in the road. Nevertheless, I am excited about both!

If I remember the date correctly, ‘The Streak’ has now hit 8 years.

For October, I am watching a horror movie a day (started on October 6th) to get me into the Halloween ‘mood’. While I will watch a few favorites, I am going to try and watch movies: 1) that I’ve never seen before, 2) that I haven’t seen in many years (like “Dog Soldiers”, an underrated werewolf movie), or 3) that were recommended by friends that are doing to same. I may not be able to hang out with friends this year, and I am not making long bus trips to friends’ places, this year , so this is likely the next best and closest thing.

I am seriously thinking about taking 2 weeks off in December (*maybe* early January) but, like a lot of 2020, it depends of what effect Covid-19 has on things. For example, if things in Kentucky get shut down again (and they are trending in that direction), then I might get sent home to work a few days per week; this would make a vacation not as ‘urgent’ of an item. All I know is that I am tired, have been really tired – physically and mentally -for the better part of 3 years, and the end of the year, with no Code Louisville or school, would be the perfect time to recharge.

Speaking of recharge, it is now Monday morning and time to finish the list of school work that I wanted to do this weekend!

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