COVID-19: ‘Short Circuits’, “Catching Up”, September 2020

I do not have Covid-19… but I had a Covid scare. More on both, later.

– This past Sunday (the 27th), I got to celebrate my older brother’s birthday (a few days late) with the rest of the family. This was the first time that we all were together since mid-June. I wasn’t sure I would go, at first; I’m now glad that I did. It was a fun, but laid back, day!

– On September 19th, I participated in my first Kentuckiana Heart Walk, sponsored by the Louisville chapter of the American Heart Association. Normally, it’s a 2-mile walk around the Downtown Riverfront; due to Covid-19, the walk was wherever you wanted, at least 2 miles, and whenever you wanted. I didn’t raise any money – I donated $25, though – but walked about 3.5 miles total, from Downtown Louisville, across the Big 4 pedestrian/bike bridge to Jeffersonville, Indiana, and back across the bridge to Louisville. The feet held up during the walk (although they were definitely protesting by the time I got home). It was a good walk for a great cause!

– School is going well… but I’m behind in 3 of my 4 classes. The good thing about that is that my classes are all On Demand: I can work at my own pace, as long as I get my Finals finished on time. The bad news: unless I want to go an extra semester, I have to be finished with everything before the week BEFORE Finals start… thus, me being behind. I plan on taking a couple of days off from work, in October, to catch up: 1 or 2 early, 1 (maybe just a half-day) near Halloween.

– There are 2 PC games that are inexpensive and peaking my interest: Among Us and Hades. I’m not entirely sure what Among Us is, other than a version of ‘Werewolf’ (you have to figure out who is the secret… something). It is currently one of the most popular games on Steam and friends highly recommend it – I may check it out in the next few weeks. As for Hades, it looks like a traditional dungeon crawler where you are trying to carve your way out of Hades (the place, not the Greek god). I still have a backload of games to finish but I’ll keep eyes on these two games. Speaking of games…

… I still plan on upgrading my setup to one more conducive to game-playing and game-streaming. This, like other stuff, might be a January project but I can’t say that it wouldn’t start sooner. Items include a new, larger desk, a new chair, upgraded RAM/CPU/HD, and new headphones.

WoW: Shadowlands launches on 10/26. I’m debating on buying it early or waiting until December, when I’ll have much more time to play.

– There is a meme floating around on Facebook that essentially says “I won’t unfriend people if their political or social beliefs are different than mine.” For the longest time, I fell into that category 100%.

Then Donald Trump became president.

Then George Floyd got murdered on camera.

Then Breeona Taylor’s murder came to light, nearly 3 months after the incident happened.

No more. I’m tired.

I’m tired of hearing “All Lives Matter” whenever any of us bring up injustices that Black people are experiencing via the hands (and guns) of the police.

I’m tired of hearing that Breonna was a drug user/drug ‘mule’ and that her death was ‘unfortunate’, when no evidence has been found to corroborate these claims. In that same thread, I am tired of Daniel Cameron and his spinelessness. The only thing on his mind is impressing Mitch McConnell and Donald Trump, hoping that he gets the fast track to the Governor’s seat in 2023 or a possible Senate run in 2026.

I’m tired of hearing about the ‘war zone’ and ‘rioting’ in Downtown Louisville. Except for 2 nights – one in May, one on the night of the Grand Jury decision – there has not been any rioting or looting in the 130 or so days of PROTESTS. NONE.

Most of all, I am tired of Donald Trump and those who still wholeheartedly support him. He is garbage, and that’s the kindest, most succinct way that I can express that. HE, with McConnell as his Man-At-Arms, has ruined this country. Not Republicans, not Democrats, Donald Trump.

If someone comes out and repeatedly touts Trump, with “he’s better than Biden!” as their main reason, there’s a good chance that they have been ‘muted’ on Facebook; if they aren’t a close friend, Drum Corps colleague, or someone that I’m actively communicating with, I will likely unfriend them from Social Media by the end of the week (this does not mean that we aren’t still friends in real life, depending on the person). I don’t mean ‘Republican’; if you can give me good reasons for Trump support, awesome.

I’ve been unfriended for saying that the Grand Jury decision on the Breonna Taylor case was bogus. That’s fine. It runs both ways now: if ‘All Lives Matter’ is the response to any kind of article, tweet, video clip, or meme that I link, share, or ‘like’, and they don’t support the fact that ‘Black’ should be included in ‘All’, off to ‘muted’ or ‘unfriend’ land they go! I have lost a good chunk of my patience and ‘good cheer’ this month and the best way to start getting both back is to eliminate a large source of the trouble.

– I mentioned it above: I do not have Covid-19. However, I had a Covid-19 scare last week. We have a couple of “On Call” team members at work: they are called in when we need a shift covered, and usually don’t work more than 12-16 hours a week. One of them covered a hole in my shift, 3 weeks ago. They were wearing a mask. 2 weeks ago, they tested positive for Covid-19, meaning the ones that were in the office had to get tested. I took my test on the 21st and got the results back late the next day: negative. Good. I have to stay borderline-hyper-vigilant with Covid-19, being in the High Risk category for catching it and complications.

And Finally….

It’s almost October… which means ‘spooky’ music on the phone and (hopefully) ‘spooky’ movies on the TV and in the DVD player. I can use new and different instances of each. I have a collection of ‘Hellraiser’ movies that I haven’t watched yet. I might add a few DVDs this week. I want to start something similar to what an old HS friend does: watch at least one horror movie a day, throughout October. My plan is to watch 4 a week – Wednesdays and Thursdays are tough for movie-watching. As for music, I need to sit down and look for soundtracks again. The anime “Hellsing” is one I need to get again.

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