Best of the Decade

After a days-long project, I have come up with various Top 10 lists for the entire decade. Louisville Stories Let's start off with 10 of the biggest news stories of the decade involving Metro Louisville. I can't say that they were THE 10 biggest stories but these 10 (plus the Honorable Mentions) did have significant … Continue reading Best of the Decade

Inside The Terrordome: “Do the Right Thing”

Music Selection - "Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24" by Trans-Siberian Orchestra" (one of my favorite songs) Alabama did the right thing... well, the majority of them. Louisville did the right thing.... finally; should a Representative from Kentucky follow suit? And I have one month to do the "right thing", starting today or tomorrow. Alabama voters went to the polls … Continue reading Inside The Terrordome: “Do the Right Thing”

“Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

I have been in public a long time, and sometimes my pants have come down.... "But it certainly hasn't been like that. I've had a thin waist and a full waist, and it depends on where I was at that time, I suppose, as to what might have happened. But I sure don't remember it. … Continue reading “Short Circuits”: Dan Johnson

The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime

(picture is from  Councilwoman Green's 5-Point Plan A preamble: I lived on 34th Street, in the Shawnee Neighborhood of the West End, from about 1980 to August 2004; I was one or 2 when my parents moved from Shively (at the time, technically a separately city in the same county as Louisville). I then moved back to … Continue reading The West End: The Proposal to Combat Crime