Inside The Terrordome: “Do the Right Thing”

Music Selection – “Christmas/Sarajevo 12/24″ by Trans-Siberian Orchestra” (one of my favorite songs)

Alabama did the right thing… well, the majority of them. Louisville did the right thing…. finally; should a Representative from Kentucky follow suit? And I have one month to do the “right thing”, starting today or tomorrow.

Alabama voters went to the polls last night, to fill the vacant Senate seat. Roy Moore, the embattled Republican candidate (accused of sexually assaulting a 14-year-old girl and just being a pedophilic piece of trash) lost the race to Democratic candidate Doug Jones. Alabama voters, especially the 98% of Black women who voted for Jones, did the right thing. Now, let’s see if Jones takes advantage of his new position and represents Alabama the way he claims he will. (On a side note, 49% of voters still voted for Roy Moore. That is pretty disturbing, to be honest.)

Louisville Metro Council finally did the right thing and removed the troublesome Dan Johnson. It should have happened when the initial charges against him were confirmed but “better late than never”. Now, Kentucky Representative Dan Johnson (I promise they are not the same person) is under fire.


This Dan Johnson was accused of sexual abuse of a teenager; he vehemently denies the charges. Lawmakers are calling for his resignation; Johnson is not only staying put, he is doubling-down on counterattacks against the accuser. Should he do the right thing and resign or stay in office?

The right thing for me to do, in the next month? Something that I saw basketball analyst and former coach, Bob Valvano, mention on Facbebook: “spiritual rejuvenation”. An early item of rejuvenation is purchasing the PC version of “Okami”. I can promise you that, when I get this game, many hours will be spent playing this classic. It’s a far cry from writing SQL queries, designing a WAN, and analyzing port attacks. Can’t wait!

  • We usually turn on a TV, mainly for background noise, at work. We left it on a local channel that shows old shows from the 1950s-1980s. Last night, 2 of the shows that we saw were Mannix and Cannon. I had heard of both shows but had never seen either; my co-worker hadn’t heard of either, my supervisor didn’t say if he had heard of either. Both shows mainly took place in the 1970s. Googling the plots of the shows (and paraphrasing what we saw), Mannix is about a detective who “gets his man, despite getting beat up”, while Cannon “enjoys culinary delights and uses car chases to get the job done”.The 1970s were a strange time.
  • I have 2 emails out on potential apartments, plus a bookmark on a 3rd place. For those in Louisville: one place is just off of Eastern Parkway, close to Crittenden Drive; the 2nd place is on the back side of Central Park, on 6th Street; the 3rd place is in Clifton, near Brownsboro Road. I am hoping to set up some walkthroughs in the next day or 2. I would love to sign a lease by January 1st!
  • Finals Grades and Semester Grades:
    CIT 330 Systems Development: 95%, B

    CIT 352 Database Administration II: 82%, C; a missed quiz, at the very end of the semester, cost me a B
    CIT 370 Telecommunications I: 72%, B
    CIT 482 Systems Security I: 53%, C
    I ended up with a 2.50. Happy with the 330 Final and Grade; glad that I beat the 352 Final average by over 5 points but it sucks that I threw a B away by missing a quiz; OK with the 370 grade; absolutely sick about that Final in 482, especially since I had gotten my semester grate within striking distance of an A, pre-Final.The good thing about the upcoming semester is that I have the same professors for CIT 482 and CIT 484 (Security II), plus CIT 332 (Development II) and CIT 372 (Telecom II) – the professor for CIT 330 is teaching both 332 and 372. I know how they run their classes, what they look for in assignments (especially the Security professor), and how they grade. I will get a 3.00+ in the Spring, one way or another!
  • I have actually finished Christmas shopping! I only have to wait for everything to get here and I can start wrapping. While getting gifts is always nice, I’d much rather give gifts and see everyone’s reactions.
  • Speaking of Christmas, I finally saw the ending to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade (I had to work overnight, the night before, so I slept through the Parade broadcast this year). Now that I saw “Santa” arrive at the end of the Parade, it’s now “officially” the Christmas season for me! 😉


Christmas is in 12 days!


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