“Podicus Wrecks” founder J.R. and I did a podcast episode last year, where we picked the winners of the NCAA College Football bowl games. Neither of us had looked at the list of games beforehand; we pulled up the games and predicted them live, with the loser buying the winner dinner, at a time to be later determined.

We tied.

Well, we are back for the 2017 bowl games! This time, J.R. wrote his picks down ahead of time; I made my picks on air. Dinner is the wager again.

In addition to picks, there are a few rants about the Heisman Trophy, the Division I football playoff format (IT’S A SIMPLE FIX, to me!), and the silliness of the University of Tennessee coaching fiasco. If you are not a sports fan, then go check out some of my older posts, some previous episodes on “Podicus Wrecks”, or (if you are a comic book fan) check out the parent site of the podcast, “Comicdom Wrecks”. Otherwise, enjoy the episode… then do what I just mentioned to the non-sports fans! 

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