Review of 2017, Part I: Resolutions

I’m going back and looking over my resolutions, wish lists, or whatever you call them, for 2017. It’s always interesting to see how things played out.

The 2017 Resolutions post: Here

1. Get An Apartment. This might be happening!! I took a Tuesday morning tour of a potential apartment, turned in the application and necessary paperwork, and am now waiting on approval/disapproval. Over 2 years of on-again, off again searching might finally pay off, before the year’s out!

**ADDENDUM: I got the apartment!! My move-in date is January 3, 2018!

2. Start a Portfolio, Create Content for the Portfolio. Unfortunately, this did not happen. I got too sidetracked by school to think of the portfolio.

3. Find a Co-Op or Internship, and/or a Full-Time Job in Computer-related fields by July 1st. I did not find a job but I did get to intern with TRIMARC’s Software Engineer for about 3 months. I learned a great deal!

4. Earn a 3.50+ for the Spring Semester. Absolute fail on my part: 2.25. I got my books late, got off to a slow start, and played catch-up the entire semester. I labeled Spring the “What If” semester.

5. Get the Right Foot Back Under Control. For the most part, this resolution happened, although it was not easy.

6. Keep the Upward Momentum with Money Going. I have somehow managed to build up a decent savings account, while not maxing out a credit card or going overdrawn with my checking account. I also increased ny credit score by nearly 100 points, at one point. So, this was a success!

7. Take Time for Myself and to Treat Myself. Didn’t happen as much as I would have liked. The most “myself” time I had was a few hours on a weekend where I either read, played video games, and/or worked out for about half of a day.

8. Get Down to 230 Lbs. by Spring Break, 215 Pounds by the End of the Year. I missed both goals by quite a lot. So, I will try again in 2018, with a better focus.

A 50/50 result for 2017’s Wish List/Resolutions. For me, 2017 wasn’t the Dumpster Fire that it was for some friends. I didn’t take any exciting vacations, didn’t get married (good!), engaged, or even have a moment of casual sex. However, I got to see 2 Reds-Cubs games with one of my best friends; I got to intern with a Software Enigneer; I left one job and got promoted at another; I read a few good books; and I’m 2 weeks away from having my own apartment, for the first time since January 2012, and those are alright with me. The 2nd part of this post will look back on state, local, and personal events from 2017, as well as any resolutions for 2018.

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